Clint the Nevada’s Loner / Clint el solitario (Alfonso Balcázar, 1967)

I’m surprised to see that this film doesn’t already have its own thread since its out on the Wild east label.
The film has a strong cast with George Martin, Walter Barnes, Fernando Sancho and Marianne Koch.
I must say that I didn’t expect much from it, but it was a pleasant surprise.
It borrows a lot from “Shane” though, but its not a complete rip-off like Eastwood’s “Pale Rider” .
It was also nice to see George Martin as a good guy for once, being used to see him as the bad guy more often than not.
All in all I would definitely recommend this film.

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Not bad, just not very exciting either.

I just don’t think Balcazar does enough to jazz up his hackneyed material.

Always nice to see Marianne Koch outside of Fistful though.

I hated this film. Too much Shane style sentimental stuff and annoying kid.

More like American B western and nothing special but I liked the green locations. I’m not a big fan of George Martin but this is one of his best roles. 3 stars.

Wild East’s DVD wasn’t too great, but it was still a real treat to see the film, being a fan of Shane. I would have to say my favorite moment is when Clint pulls his son onto his horse with him and the score lifts as they ride home together. Very American style, but still a good film IMO.

I’m a big fan of the sequel without knowing this one. WHat a shame.

[quote=“Dillinger, post:6, topic:1745”]I’m a big fan of the sequel without knowing this one. WHat a shame.[/quote]I think the sequel is better, didn’t like the first one at all.

Watched it yesterday night and must say it’s the long drawn out story with the predictable end,i assumed

The child i didn’t found annoying,he suits to this kind of movie,in contrast to ‘Silver saddle’ for example

The countryside is very accosting and the good widescreen version i’ve seen,shows off that all

The missing scenes of the english version are amusingly inserted from the german version,which was titled ‘Valley of hope’

It seems like a “family-spaghetti”, not exactly what I’d expect in the genre.
I prefer the sequel/remake, despite being also an above average film.

Still haven’t seen these two movies

You’re racing through the genre, pp, like this you’ve seen them all within a year or so

Yeah, it definitely feels more american than italian, but it’s quite enjoyable. The locations were amazing and I think this is one of Fernando Sancho’s more serious perfomances, far from that tiring and sometimes annoying mexican bandit type of roles in which we usually see him.

The remake with the exception of the Kinski character was pretty boring though.

I actually have an interesting amount of Portuguese/Spanish releases waiting for their turn.
I’ve a goal: To see them all!

I sometimes get a chuckle when folks try to convey that an Italian Western is bad by saying it is “too American”! ha ha!
But, in this case I almost have to say the same thing. This film tries really hard to be American in style (a la SHANE) and fails miserably.
But, it fails even worse at being a Western in the Italian style.
Plain and simple: This is a BAD and BORING movie.

And, frankly, I don’t like the sequel, either.

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It has a great soundtrack, though.

Glad you like it, amigo.
I find the soundtrack music merely OK. Nothing too special or memorable, for me.
But, as with all things cinematic, it is all down to personal opinion.

Didn’t liked that much. I prefer the soundtrack used in the sequel, but that was taken from other movies…

All ridiculous western feel american or conversely :wink:

95% of the time that is correct. Honestly, I don’t believe I would have seen more than 10 westerns in my entire life if it wasn’t for those damn italian/spanish productions :wink:

I like the locations a lot in this one though. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed it more than I should haha

As an American I take offense at that statement! :wink:

Honestly, there are just as many bad Italian Westerns as there are American Westerns.
Just to hate something because it is an American product is the same as racism in my book.

As a child i watched these flics on TV,in which the sheriff wore a white,clean shirt and always was the winner ;D

In this the locations are really fine,i suppose its an italian/spanish/german co production

I dont hate american western,i found them ridiculous,thats a big difference and have nothing to do with racism or any book