Cjamango (Edoardo Mulargia, 1967)

Haha! I know how you feel. Before I finished my collection I made sure I never spent more than $30-40 on any OOP release, which I only broke for FFoT and DoA. I wouldn’t say it is worth it, but I grabbed it when it was in print.

I guess it’s payback for being so smitten with all the good deals I’ve gotten so far. For example, when I started off I got 15 brand new Wild East discs, including OOP ones for only £8 each.

If you add up the price of all the Wild East discs you have purchased and average that price out its not all that bad then :smiley:

That’s one way of looking at it, I guess. I still have a few more to go. I’m hoping I get more good deals. Buying some off Rod soon. Can’t wait to finally get those on my shelf!

I like to take the total worth of all my releases and see how valuable my collection is, that is really satisfying :yum:

Gave this one a watch last week and it holds up pretty well, unlike the WE dvd, which looked ok back in the day on an analog TV, but not so good with a digital TV. I like Rassimov (still think he runs funny though :slight_smile: ). As in a couple of other Musolini productions there is a Bill Jackson credited but I’m not finding him acting in this one, so not sure who this refers to this time (maybe he just likes the name :slight_smile: ). I did find Amerigo Castrighella, Michele Branca and Enrico Chiappafreddo as henchmen.

So many decent bad guys in this one…is it a dream. No of course not, but having just viewed this one for the first time I was pleasantly surprised. Film does not pretend to be something it is not, it just gets on with being an entertaining Spaghetti. The star in this one I do like, he has a presence. Had the Wild East disc for a while, but never viewed it, then purchased the Koch disc. And retaining the cash theme from this film I sold my Wild East disc, which covered the costs of the both discs :grin:

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Quite enjoyed this one. I think Rassimov was pretty good in the lead too. I’ll add the Koch DVD to my shopping list.

I’ve had a Mulargia run lately and this was my latest watch and I must day that I was pleasently surprised. I like the odd choice of music, kind of original for an SW of this period. The Cjamango character sure is knock-off character but I think he does a convincing job. I give this and W! Django the same rating; 3/5.

I watched Cjamango for the first time this evening and it met my rather cautious expectations well. The simpliness of the story, with some similar elements as in A Fistful Of Dollars, puts the focus on other details and the execution. Overall this succeeds fairly well with a good Django/Man with no name-reminding antihero played by Ivan Rassimov. The plot is free from comedy which usually is a plus for me. The locations are acceptable and typical for many westerns shot in Italy with the Cinecitta Mexican type pueblo, but not as many nice locations out in the country-side as in most SWs shot in Spain.

Minuses are the boy scenes with its sentimental music and maybe some of the other music by the productive Felice Di Stefano but on the other hand some of his music here is with a typical good SW flavour. His music was more consistently enjoyable in Ramon The Mexican (except for a comedy theme).

The film looks good with a nice mood and the OK acting, but this SW maybe feels a bit thin without enough “flesh” or depth for being rated over 6/10 at least not yet by me. The little twist in the end reminds me in one respect of A Stranger In Town/The Stranger Returns (7/10 and 8/10 respectively).
As usual I will watch it again soon probably within weeks.

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As I was travelling the last few weeks I watched this one from youtube. Brought back some memories as this must be among the first spaghetti’s that was available on rental VHS tape. After, i think, 30 years this movie has still some good scenes. I also noticed that this one had a decent print.

Some things noticed;
Smart of the director to get rid of the townsfolk in the first scene, saves a lot of extra’s.
Music was ok for me. Not overly present and giving the right mood

The stairs look like they are drawn on the wall. Bit odd to do that.

When hiding in a cupboatd, there would be not so much light I guess

IMG_4463 (2)
I kept wondering about the scar at the back of the cape

At the end when Cjmango leaves he takes the dead women with him. I wonder why he would do that.

The annoying kid is a lot spoken about. Watched this one in English, maybe in Italian his voice is less irritating and dialogue better. Altought I found it bearable. I liked the idea from some folks to let the dynamite do its work :grinning:

i had some fun re-watching the movie. Entertaining with a good mood and familiair faced mixed withsome lesser known actors.


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And I am watching this right now, the German BluRay offers quite an excellent transfer, even though lots of DNR it looks quite decent, too bad it doesn’t carry over any previous extras and has no subtitles, so can’t well ditch the Koch DVD.

Ugh, okay this is so much worse than I remembered, and the English dub does not help either… derivative, not well made, and kinda boring and weird. It has a few likeable aspects but no more

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Just whacked on the new blu-ray of this. Very nice quality. The titles are in SD and are the original Italian ones. Sadly it doesn’t stop the film from being incredibly f***ing boring.


LOL … yes, it’s a dog! :wink:

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New poll for Cjamango available at the top of the page under the original post! :arrow_up:

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There are at least 2 versions of this on You Tube.

English version running 85m47s - this has English credits immediately before the gambling scene running 39s. Largely red with a cut out of a Colt through which you can see Cjamango riding around. These opening credits are heavily truncated. The rest of the credits - 41s worth in same format - follow at the end of the movie.

Italian version running 82m31s - this has the full Italian credits after the scene in the saloon and the credits run over footage of the bandits riding along and going into the hacienda. These credits are 1m50s. No closing credits. This entire sequence is missing from the English print.

Assume the Italian version is Pal and the English version is NTSC.