Cjamango (Edoardo Mulargia, 1967)

(Dorado) #1

I just ordered this one, but to my great surprise the film did not have it’s own thread.
I hope someone who already owns it will write a little about it.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #2

Its a good movie! Rassimov aka Sean Todd in one of his few leading protagonist SW roles, the other I think was Cowards don’t Pray.

(Romaine Fielding) #3

I like this one. Ivan is very good!
But, unfortunately, it does have a cute kid…

I can’t remember who on this forum talks a lot about religious meaning/ionography in spaghettis but this moive has a very strange fade out in that regard…a morbid version of the holy family.

(Frank Talby) #4

I just got mine in the mail last week. I’ll be watching it soon.

(Dorado) #5

I finally got my version of this film and I must agree that Ivan Rassimov puts in a good performance, I would have liked to see him play the “good” guy in more SW’s.

(Silvanito) #6

Watched this one for the second time recently, and it’s really a good SW I think!

The story is very simple and unoriginal, but the movie is solid and well-made, kept my interest throughout

Top 30 or 40 material to me I think :slight_smile:

(Cian) #7

Apart from that annoying child, which kind of ruined the whole film for me. I could still hear his annoying dub ringing in my ears long after the film ended …CJAMANGO…CJAMANGO…CJAMANGO…

(Silvanito) #8

Then I guess you can’t stand little Jesus in Fistful either, or the crying infant in Few Dollars More, then one that gets shot by Indio’s men off-camera :o :wink:

(scherpschutter) #9

Haven’t seen it yet.


(Cian) #10

I always reach for the volume control when those parts are on!

(ENNIOO) #11

I have seen the ‘annoying child’ in a trailer to the film, but have not taken the plunge and viewed the film yet :-.

(Cian) #12

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:9, topic:944”]Haven’t seen it yet.

Is it like … SHANE … SHA-A-NE … SHAAA-AAA-AAANE ?[/quote]

Yes, but worse.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #13

The annoying kid as well as the bell bottoms totally ruin it for me. Still a fun movie though.

(Silvanito) #14

Great movie, great bell bottoms, great annoying kid :smiley:

The English dub is worse than Django though, totally hideous :o

Didn’t ruin the film to me though :wink:

(T.H) #15

I need to order this movie soon. Seems like a good one.


This could have been the spaghetti with the most vicious scene ever filmed if the dynamite actually exploded on the kid. Man, they were italians, why didn’t they do it the way they know?

Pretty good film, although heavily influenced by A fistful of dollars. Without the kid and some overly dramatic parts of the score, it could have possibly entered my top-30.


(Romaine Fielding) #17

Watched this for the second time last night. I’d seen it before over a year ago (or whenever the Wild East disc came out)

Cjamango is something of an oddity in that Ivan Rassimov plays a fellow who is not (despite all the rip-offs of No-Name & Django) an “anti-hero” at all. He is a real deal good guy. He saves women and children and vanquishes evil (in the form of Livio Lorenzon & Piero Lulli), and he doesn’t even seem to mind too much when things don’t ultimately go his way.
The Wild East version of this is only a little over 82 minutes and I suspect it is cut up a bit with some missing parts. There are simply tons of continuity errors, unexplained plot developments, & missing character motivations.
All that said, it is a fun and really enjoyable film and I liked it quite a lot.
As noted by Lindberg in the tread, the English dub is really awful. That is nowhere more apparent than in the precredit sequence in which Ivan plays a hand of poker with Pedro Sanchez. Pedro’s dubbing is comically bad.
Ivan/Cjamango is cloned from Clint, poncho & cheroot intact. Before he can collect his poker winnings a cackling, laughing group of baddies enter the saloon and gun everybody down to get the gold. As a poor wounded Cjamango lays on the floor a large wooden table that had been upended rolls over to him and falls right onto his head. Ivan visibly flinches at the pain.
When he reappears after the opening credits Cjamango is now wearing a leather cape. Indeed, there are TWO cape wearing characters in this one. The other is Mr. Jane Mansfield. Ex-bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay plays a somewhat mysterious black clad “whiskey drummer” whose presence is unexplained until the end. He’s a far cry from meek whiskey drummer Donald Meek in Ford’s Stagecoach. This feller can take care of himself.
As noted, there IS a cute kid in this one and, unfortunately, he does not die an ignominious and pointless death.
Cjamango saves him several times (maybe he IS too nice a guy for the Italian west).
Couple of interesting things:
At one point Tigre’s men are assembling around a fellow to shoot him. They form a circle and gun him down. The proverbial circular firing squad at work.
Cjamango gets the crap kicked out of him by BOTH Don Pablo’s men and Tigre’s men. It would be as if Joe got beat up by both the Rojos AND the Baxters. The beatings are back-to-back by the way.
Tigre lives in an old cavalry fort, albeit one with a discontinuous palisade.
Helene Chanel is beautiful and doomed.
I just can’t get over the ending. (Probably just to me) It is SO weird. The strangest Joseph, Mary & Jesus reference in Spaghettidom.

(Angel Face) #18

This one was pretty good. Better than I expected it to be as it is difficult for me to buy Rassimov as a hero. He’s great as a villain in films like ROME ARMED TO THE TEETH and EATEN ALIVE! (1980). His hero role here wasn’t shy about displaying emotions and that change in the typical euroater protagonist trait is enough reason to give this one a spin at least once.

I have another version of this film from a VHS source. I haven’t gotten around to checking the running time to see if it matches with the WE disc.

(Silvanito) #19

Would be interesting to see if your VHS is longer, Angel Face

(Angel Face) #20

Just checked both, Lindberg…

The Dutch tape (wide at what looks about 2:00.1) runs 82 minutes 51 seconds. This version bears the original Italian title.

The Wild East DVD (wide at 2:35.1) runs 82 minutes 24 seconds. This version bears a German title card for the films title only.