Chrysanthemums for a Bunch of Swine / Crisantemi per un branco di carogne (Sergio Pastore, 1967)

(Søren) #41

This is probably why the movie never came to an international audience. The title was simply untranslateable.

(Reverend Danite) #42


Ok - another tack… looking at your cards and attempting to read (too) much into them…

Maybe she’s representative of the ‘chrysathemum’ for the ‘swine’?

After all, she does have some nice petals down there… ::slight_smile:

Jeez - I’m jus’ trying to help us get a storyline together for Brother Caress’s film project ;D

(Søren) #43

Well spotted.

Would love to pluck her petals… :slight_smile:

(JonathanCorbett) #44

Cesar Ojinaga as Hutton and Angelo Casadei as bartender… Where do they come from? Maybe someone found a copy?