[size=14pt]Come on let’s twist again[/size]

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[size=14pt]A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse![/size]

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Are those two guns or are you just happy to stand behind me?[/quote]

Right - here we are. Somebody puts up [size=12pt]one[/size] lobby card (or poster) from the database (as has been going on “latest contributions”) [I suppose you could just link to your own card if you wish] and we add our captions as we see fit. When that has run its course, the putter-upper choses a winner and then they, in turn, get to choose the next competition pic and eventually, the new winner.
And so it goes.
I think Brother Chris should start us off - mainly because out of big [size=14pt]respect[/size] for him having done so much in this particular area with these great images of his (thankyou Chris) - and also cos I’ve got no idea how to link this to the piccies, of course :P.
Could be fun… ;D
Over to you Chris…

[Edit - this thread is named the CCCCC - to acknowledge the amount of work CC’s put in to the database - I don’t believe we just have to use his cards tho’ - Brother dicfish has put loads in (respect), and there’s nothing to stop you linking to your own of course as well.]

Cheers, Rev! And many thanks for the kind words!

I made a terrible mess out of trying to merge the posts from the “latest contributions” thread to this thread. So, I won’t be trying that again (maybe someone younger and with more computer savvy can assist us with that?).

At any rate…
I will get things going by posting one of my favorite “what the heck?” Lobby Cards. This one from DON’T WAIT, DJANGO…SHOOT!


[size=12pt]Two more satisfied customers at Brokeback Mountain Water Park.[/size]

Proof that Fernando Sancho’s method of ‘snap shooting’ should not be attempted by novice’s.

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[size=14pt]“it’s fun to stay at the Y.M.C…aw, fuck it!”[/size][/quote]


[size=12pt]Arriving back from holiday, Harm Siepel introduces the new co-star for his latest film - The Invisible Ninja Assassin of the West[/size]

[quote=“Spaghetti Monkey, post:6, topic:2199”]Proof that Fernando Sancho’s method of ‘snap shooting’ should not be attempted by novice’s.[/quote]btw, it’s not Sancho. it’s Pedro Sanchez.

Nobody’s saying that it is. Sancho is the pro, Sanchez is the novice :slight_smile:

[quote=“Søren, post:11, topic:2199”]Nobody’s saying that it is. Sancho is the pro, Sanchez is the novice :)[/quote]aah, ok. Now I got it. Haha, that is a funny caption :smiley:

[size=12pt]An art critic explains how Banksy’s wall murals are becoming far too esoteric these days.[/size]


[size=12pt]The Force is with this one![/size]

[size=12pt]I know I was asking for gunslingers, but that’s hardly what I meant … [/size]

[size=14pt]Pedro quickly regretted having peyote for breakfast[/size]

[size=12pt][b]I know I was asking for gunslingers, but that's hardly what I meant .... [/b] [/size]

[size=14pt]They hadn’t quite got the hang of Riverdance[/size]

[size=12pt]John Travolta’s great-grandfather’s have caught the Saturday night Fever…[/size]