Cheap box sets

(Bad Lieutenant) #141

Another one from Mill Creek Entertainment, available january 10th 2012:

It would be nice if they’ll use some widescreen versions available (like It Can Be Done, Amigo and Fistful of Lead), instead of the pan & scan ones they released before. But I doubt it. Will probably be buying it anyway as it carries multiple films still missing from my collection.

On another note, I’m pretty happy with The Best of Spaghetti Westerns: In the Tradition of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly from Timeless Media Group. A good buy!

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #142

I think this is probably the greatest boxed set in SW history. Although I don’t have it. Hows the quality of the films? (Ringos, steffens, Cain, Cemetery). I wonder what the original sources are.

(sartana1) #143

I’ll have to check but I’ve watched (or tried to watch) most of the movies in the set. Some are quite good, some are ok and some are awful. Both sound and picture. Imo its worth picking up just for Cemetery Without Crosses and Forgotten Pistolero which both look decent.

(james024a) #144

Thanks 4 the post Sartana Just ordered that one myself. :slight_smile:

(Pacificador) #145

Adding this to my Xmas wish list and if I don’t get it, will purchase in the New Year !

(Pacificador) #146

Didn’t get it so I ordered it!

(fendertubeguy) #147

Just received the Sartana box set and can’t wait to have a marathon this weekend!

(fendertubeguy) #148

Also just picked up the Best of Spaghetti Westerns at Fry’s Electronics for $12.99 great deal. Here is a review and breakdown of the set that I found online that was very helpful!


(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #149

Echo bridge is coming out with another cheap box set, but from the looks of it, it seems like each film has its own nice cover art?

(John Welles) #150

I’m considering getting The Best of Spaghetti Westerns - In the Tradition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, but after getting Mill Creek’s 44 movie boxset and finding a few were cut, which one’s here are cut (if any)?

(Bad Lieutenant) #151

Does anyone have A Fistful of Bullets, and if so can they confirm if it´s the same transers as used previously by MCE?

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #152

This one just came out and it looks like each movie has its own very nice cover art, but I’m not sure. Don’t know anything about the quality but its really nice looking for a budget box.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #153

Cheers Colonel, I’ve just ordered one from Amazon UK for £7.20.

(Reverend Danite) #154

Blimey! 3 of those I ain’t got. But it’s BGWest, Sundance, and Life is Tough. I can’t say any of these have been on my wants list, but at this price… maybe?
Let us know what you think Yod, if you get around to checking it out - ? :wink:

(Provvidenza) #155

I’m intrigued to see what will be included on the upcoming “Ten Thousand MORE Ways To Die” set from Mill Creek. Apart from the SWBD info all there is to go on is “Actors: Gordon Mitchell, Chuck Connors, George Hilton, William Shatner” from the amazon website. I picked up the first set as there were a few movies I hadn’t seen, usual low quality but usual low price to match.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #156

Please let us know what you think when it arrives!

(RamonRed) #157

According to Mill Creek’s site the movies are

Seven Devils on Horseback
7 Hours of Gunfire
Ride and Kill
The Shadow of Zorro
The Federal Man
Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows
Fistful of Lead (again!)
White Comanche (again!)
The Deserter
Django, Kill! (supposedly it’s with Eastman,Liana Orfei and Luciano Rossi, so I assume it’s Bill il taciturno?)
3 Bullets for Ringo
Dead for a Dollar

Here’s the link-

(ENNIOO) #158

Few different ones than usual.

(RamonRed) #159

There are some interesting films on this set. I’ll probably pick it up as I don’t have any of the films, except Fistful of lead and White Commanche.

(ENNIOO) #160

Let us know the quality if you end up picking up :slight_smile: .