Charles Bronson vs. Steve McQueen

Both big action stars. Different styles though. Who do you prefer. And please, don’t use either of there Spaghetti starringstatus as a basis to vote unless you really want to.

I voted for Charles Bronson, but now I’m regreting that, after I remember all of Steve McQueen’s great roles.

Glad to see that the choice is tough

Bronson no doubt as did far more work in the 70’s (my favourite decade for films on the whole). McQueen should have made more films in this decade.

Steve McQueen is probably my favorite movie star of all time, even though he was never a SW star. Bronson is right there behind him and Eastwood.

McQueen for me.
I like Bronson but he was a bit too hit and miss for me. McQueen did less work but has a few classics in his arsenal which gives him the edge.

dead heat now. 50 50

Charles Bronson for me. :slight_smile:


This is as hard to call as a real-life scrap between the pair would have been. Actually, who am I kidding, Charlie would have won that quite comfortably.

So I go with Bronson (not for the above reason!) - as others have said, he had fewer classics in his filmography, but made more films when he was at his peak (and was generally in grittier fare than McQueen) and had the opportunity to make some good ones later in life, whereas McQueen, of course, was taken at a much earlier age.

Would have been a great Western: A final duell between Bronson and McQueen. :slight_smile:

My favourite film decade is the fourties, because of the sheer amount of great movies that era produced.

No tough choice at all. We’re talking about Steve McQueen, guys!

No dice, pally…Charles Bronson is the way to go!


I thought both were a bit too hit and miss (two hit and mrs. if you know what I mean)
I find it difficult to choose, both did a few marvellous things, but shoud’ve done more of these
Haven’t decided yet, but am leaning towards Chuck

I think, if Mc had played in a couple of SWs like Bronson, this poll result would look different.

Not viewed one from this decade for over 10 years.

I have to admit that McQueen’s performance in The Great Escape will always be enough to tip the balance his way in my book.

What?!? How come?