Carambola’s Philosophy: In the Right Pocket / Carambola, filotto … tutti in buca (Ferdinando Baldi, 1975)

I am trying to collect info on the Carambola films because they were directed by Ferdinado Baldi and he is a great director of Spaghetti Westerns. What do you guys know about this one?

Database page:,_filotto…_tutti_in_buca

Also ,can someone please explain how to post links to the databaseand other sites in this forum. I’m not very computer savy.

My only information about this is in Weissers work of fiction.Bound to be a pack of lies so i won’t quote from it.With any luck we’ll someday get this on a double feature dvd with the first film.

Which has lead me to question the films existance.

Edit: checked IMDB. There are reviews on there so it must be true.

[quote=“YourPallbearer, post:4, topic:1277”]Which has lead me to question the films existance.

Edit: checked IMDB. There are reviews on there so it must be true.[/quote]

Ha ha, yes, better be suspicious, but both Carambola films are out on german DVDs for some years.

How are the action scenes? Baldi is a GREAT director of action as I said. He definetly proved himself in Blindman and Get Mean. That’s right, I said I like Get Mean.

[quote=“stanton, post:5, topic:1277”]Ha ha, yes, better be suspicious, but both Carambola films are out on german DVDs for some years.[/quote]How’s the quality of these dvd’s? Are they in german only?

Don’t know, I always avoided them.

Hasn’t the Baldi factor given you even a little curiosity? Was it the trinity rip off factor that pushed you away?

Apart from Blindman and The Forgotten Pistolero Bald’s films are not that interesting, and most of the comedies in the wake of the Trinity films are rather unfunny.

And believe me, the Carambola films do have this better-avoid-life-is-too-short reputation.

I see your point. I can see why you might not like all his films but rita of the west and get mean are both “interesting” I would think.

only seen the first one and that certainly didn’t give me the desire to see the second one. :frowning:

Sorry, but no.

I know you like Get Mean, but for me (and I think also for most others) it was after the excellent Baldi/Anthony colaboration on Blindman only a major disappointment.

Comin at Ya’ is better, but also far from great, even without the idiotic 3-D effects.

And Rita is … well, it’s Rita

Well, Rita might have been terrible but by interesting I meen it was the only musical SPW. And Get Mean is set in Medieval Spain. But, I guess interesting can all by someone’s own definition so I won’t negate your opinion any more.

I’m going to correct myself here. I meen that the premises are interesting even if the films are not the best. Get Mean is in no way shape or form a 5 starmovie but stilll fun I think. Same goes for Comin at Ya but the only thing interesting in that one was the 3D.

I like musicals, I love all sorts of dancing scenes, but the ones in Rita are badly done. The SW parodies are the best moments of Rita, but otherwise it was forgettable for me.

And I do of course respect your positive opinion about Get Mean.

But if you don’t think that it’s a great film, why do you have choosen Get Mean for your top 20? Aren’t their greater films then?

Concerning Tony Anthony, for me all the 3 Stranger films are far superior to Get Mean and Comin’ at Ya.

Because it is very entertaining. Just because a film is not great does not meen I can’t think it very good. Where most spaghettishad the old revenge plotline, Get Mean had the old fistful themebut did it COMPLETELY different.

Yes different, it was, without any doubt

Glad to see we can finally understand each other. Now let’s get back on topic. :wink:

After taking a long hiatus on spaghettis i´m back at it again, taking up the task of going trough all the films (and specially vhs-tapes…) i´ve amassed over the years but never had time to actually watch. So after a good start with the brilliant BANDIDOS, in my stupidity i choose this one as the next…
This is “funny” spaghetti at it´s lowest, Coby & Smith are very tame Hill & Spencer clones, something i allready knew, but not a single joke is funny… possibly with the exception of the lady who gets all turned on at Smith after he has wrecked her pastry shop and the poolgame of Carambola. It all drags on for an eternity with lots of silly noises and fast running of the film (stuff i actually do tend to find amusing, but here it´s just tired) before it all ends in a long chase scene. On the good note is a rather cathy, if silly, themesong sung by Dream bags (I believe Fabio Frizzi is involved) wouldn´t mind a 45 of that…
The action scenes?? like third rate Hill & Spencer at best, there´s a big saloonfight, with a general in topswing sitting on an empty barrel shouting orders left and right.
If you like really, really silly spaghetti comedies and find films like Cry Onion and Buddy Goes West to intellectual, it´s one for you!
I watched the pretty hard to find old swedish vhs release, in English with print-title “The Crazy Adventures of Len and Coby”. Swedish title is “Slå´n på käften” (Punch `im in the face)…