Cannibal Holocaust

Haven’t seen it myself but it sure is a cult classic. What do you all think of it?

It’s rough - I’ve seen it a couple times and the scenes involving animal death are not worth repeat views. The rest of the movie is really solid and gruesome. The violence is unrelenting and the filmography is first rate.

Probably my favorite exploitationfilm of all time, after Devil hunter and Mad Foxes, a true classic in every sense! And the soundtrack is just amazing.
I like all the Italian cannibal-flicks, but this is heads and shoulders above the rest.

Intense film and director was at a high when he made this. Lovely score. Do not agree re the animal scenes though now.

yes the score is awesome forgot to mention it.

I’ve yet to decide whether I liked this film or not. I appreciate its willingness to “go there”, even if I watched it with my legs crossed most of the time and the turtle scene almost made me consider vegetarianism for a minute; on the other hand, it’s quite hypocritical that it denounces exploitative journalism (and indirectly cannibal movies) while being a cannibal movie itself. ::slight_smile:

I agree that the soundtrack is a definite pro, as well as the natural setting. But then, as a Lost fan, I’m just happy to see people wandering in a jungle I guess, lol ;D I wonder if this was the first movie to use the “fake documentary” trick? The Blair Witch Project surely didn’t invent anything :wink:

I think this movie is overrated. I agree - it’s well made and quite intense, but it’s not a masterpiece some people consider it to be

Yes I quite agree… Its a great movie but certainly not a masterpiece… The Riz Ortolani score is as mentioned above quite fantastic though and highlights, by its easygoingness, the violence on the screen perfectly.

The animal ‘snuff’ scenes are hard to swallow though. Not just in this but also in other of the Italian cannibal flicks of the time. Can’t honestly remember which were in Cannibal Holocaust but remember seeing a turtle being slaughtered alive, a live monkey getting its face cut off and a live lizard getting its belly cut open … If you grew up on a farm you might not take much notice of this, but it got my stomach turning…

I agree masterpiece is to much. In fact I prefer a film the director made around the same period…The House On The Edge Of The Park. But like the dvd to Cannibal Holocaust do not buy the U.K release as heavily cut.

Søren , I think all those you mentioned were in Cannibal holocaust, plus the pig that is shot by Luca Barbareschi. Personally the scene that still makes me cringe though is the rape of the adulterous woman, even if it wasn’t snuff I got to say it was very difficult to watch. :-X

I think the pig getting shot is the worst moment as well

boring film, i prefer canibal apocalypse with john saxon much better, action and canibals!

I’ve had this one sitting on my shelf for many months now. Haven’t gotten around to viewing because it sounds pretty twisted and don’t have a lot of time to watch films solo these days

That’s not the point of CH: It’s a film with a messege. But not only that, I also think the music works very well to the movie. But I’m not gonna force you to like it ;).

That depends on if you believe Deodato or not… in interviews, he states there was no message in the film, although it appears to contain one. Maybe he says otherwise in different interviews

Deodato is a funny guy who seems to love make up stories, like the one about extras in Django being so ugly that Corbucci wanted to hide their faces with the red hoods. :smiley:

Yes I get that impression of Deodato also, so never quite believed it true when he said there are no messages/commentary/whatever in the film.

I mean, the commentary is there and its pretty much impossible to not see it… the question is whether it is intended or not

I view Cannibal Holocaust as a tongue in cheek media indictment. At the end the professor wonders who the real cannibals are, pointing at a tv station expoliting the misery. Funny of course, considering the all the exploitation you’ve just seen through the medium film.

House at the edge of park is a lot of fun. Hess is great, loads of so bad it’s good stuff going on and hilarious oneliners and dialog.

Interesting that this film should get a topic all of its own, after we discussed it in another thread a few weeks ago. I guess it’s just one of those films which will always get people talking.

It’s ironic perhaps, but I’m not sure hypocritical is the right word. It’s not exactly commenting on journalism but just putting a magnifying glass to a type of journalism which provides people with shocking images. These forms of journalism are often presented as an ultimate truth, necessary to highlight the plight of certain people and the cruelty and intolerance which exists in the world. However, in addition to such righteous and noble intentions, it fulfills a function by feeding the public’s craving for shocking news media which still exists today.

Basically Cannibal Holocaust does not say that providing people with shocks is wrong or immoral, but it forces you to question the sanctioned shocks which form a significant part of the media. In so doing, if you’re reasonably intelligent and thoughtful, it causes you to consider your reaction to horrific events, both real and unreal.

Because of its subject matter, the scenes of violence and the animal deaths, its a film which can linger in the mind. In this respect it’s a powerful, thought-provoking film. I loved the mondo style of filming and the soundtrack, but I don’t think it’s a work of brilliance (it’s as subtle as a brick). It is, however, most definitely worthy of note for anyone interested in film.

Whatever else it may be, boring it is not.

At the risk of crediting the director with too much intelligence, I don’t think you’re supposed to finish the film thinking you’ve been given a moral. There isn’t a message in that sense; it’s not a film which preaches to the viewer, and if it were to do so then I think it would be quite problematic (hypocritical as poggy said). It presents various attrocities in different ways and it’s up to the viewer to decipher their own response and come to terms with the morality of it all on their own.

One of my favorite films PERIOD. My girlfriend and I made a bet over the Summer: I let her take me to the beach (I hate the heat and can’t swim) and she had to watch Cannibal Holocaust with me.

Needless to say, I think I won out in that bargain. :smiley: