California (Michele Lupo, 1977)

(autephex) #81

Went ahead and ordered it. Had to pay the few extra dollars for the limited edition… the cover’s just so much cooler and will sit nicely next to the limited Buco in fronte on my shelf :slight_smile: Although was kind of an impulse buy and I’ve haven’t watched the film yet… maybe this will be the one that changes my mind about Gemma…

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #82

I think you’ll like it. Gemma is dirtier and grittier in this one.

(autephex) #83

Received the disc and watched last night. I thought it was pretty good. I really liked the soundtrack and the scene where the guy is playing the harmonica gets shot was cool… pretty grim and violent, this one- which made me not mind the dirtiness of the film print. It matched the tone and look of the film so it didn’t really bother me much

I did in fact like Gemma better than usual, as he wasn’t so smiley all the time

Bit disappointed with the ending, I really don’t like to end a spaggie on a hand to hand fight… but ah well

Xploited still delivering solid in their last days, received the disc within a couple days of placing the order

(Phil H) #84

Pretty good fist fight though as fist fights go.

(korano) #85

Yes, great fights. They don’t at all feel so overly choreagraphed and seem very real. I don’t remeber hearing any of the fleshy meaty smack sounds with every punch as all spaghettis have. If it did, I wasn’t worried about it. Gemma is a very good stuntman ( atleast for an actor). And his opponents are stuntmen. So I have no pause in declaring one of the defining characterisitcs of California is that it has the best spaghetti western fistfights.

(Silver) #86

Well, he was a stuntman before acting…and i believe started doing gymnastics as a child so…

(korano) #87

I knew he was a stuntman.

(carlos) #88

This one was watched and enjoyed immensely. The opening seemed vaguely familiar somehow, but pretty sure this was a first viewing. I really liked the muted and gritty look of the visuals. I thought Gemma was fine, but my favorite was the Whitaker character. When it was over, had to push play and watch it again. 4/5

(Frank Talby) #89

I need to watch this one again as I really like it - Gemma is solid in every thing I’ve seen.

(korano) #90

I liked the 70’s score to this one for some reason.

(autephex) #91

The soundtrack is great… was one of my favorite parts of the film

(Silence) #92

[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:5, topic:947”]Yep, just check this:[/quote]
Hehe, I would like to hear it in Thai!

(Dillinger) #93

Hey Silence, who’s the Vampire lady?

(scherpschutter) #94

I have the Thai disc of Arizona Colt, with Italian & Thai dialogue
Thai sounds a little like Japanese or Corean, not very pleasant to the ear (at least that’s what I think)

(Silence) #95

No idea but the screenshot is from The Werewolf vs. The Vampire Woman. Anybody else that knows who she is?

(Dillinger) #96

I dunno. You tend to change your avatar quite often these days…

(Frank Talby) #97

I wanna say it’s Patty Shepard. I love Paul Naschy’s films and great choice on the avatar.

(Dillinger) #98

You’re right Frank!

(scherpschutter) #99

Maybe it’s full moon or so, some creatures tend to have a metamorphosis when that’s the case

(Sundance) #100

Comparison #1:
Evidis France[/url]
NEW Germany
Cinefil Imagica Japan

Comparison #2:
Evidis France
NEW Germany
Cinefil Imagica Japan

And some extra pictures from the Japanese disc to show the quality:


This new disc is interlaced which does slightly annoy me. :wink: