Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (George Roy Hill, 1969)

I hope it’s okey to post in this board. This is not a spaghetti western, but I couldnt find a board for westerns.

I thought this film was pretty good. But I was wondering what the more experienced western watcher thinks of it. Any thoughts you would like to share?


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I watched it today on tele. It was good, i didnt fund it to be great though. My favourite american western is High Noon, which i advise to anyone.

I love “Butch and Sundance” a great movie. My personal favorite American western is “The Searchers” and “The Magnificent Seven”

i too love the magnificent seven

Awesome movie in my opinion, great chemistry between the lead pair, a little loose script but who minds that if the end result is such fun…and ofcourse the “raindrops” song :slight_smile:

Yea I just wish they would have done a song & dance segment for the Raindrops song, it soooo contemporary and broke up the action beautifully ::slight_smile:

butch and sundance is a very nice buddy movie. i find it less of a western… oh yeah and i will create a western board, seems like there’s demand for discussing non-italian stuff, too

Indeed the raindrops song was a very good moment :slight_smile:
What I enjoyed was watching the way the main characters were dealing with their situation; their future gets darker and darker through the movie; but none of them refuses to accept this… they both keep hoping for better times, until the very end… where afcourse they meet their inevidable fate

i hate it, i love american western, most of them, Butch is just not my cup of tea

That would be great, You have no idea how badly i want to discuss “The Searchers” and “Open Range” :slight_smile:

I love the movie. I’m not the biggest fan of American Westerns, but I really liked this one. THough I hate the Raindrops song, and felt it was completely out of place in the movie. Otherwise, good stuff.

I agree with Seb hats it’s more of a buddy movie. But a good one. Funny at times, and i love the raindrops peice.

I was being sarcastic, I think “Raindrops” totally ruins the film as a serious western, it plays a bit more like a comedy western so if you look at it from that perspective you can let it slide.

it’s OK, but nothing extraordinary
the second part of film was better (first one was a little boring)

There was a trend of inserting out of place modern sounding pop tunes into Westerns, which for me totaly pulls me out of the film magic. Its not at all period sounding or done live with extraneous sounds like it would be if live but sounding like it was canned and right out of a sound studio.

BC&TSK was the first one that I remember doing it, and I’ve since run into two more, The Life & Times of Judge Roy Bean, and Cahill US Marshall there are probably a few others on this list.

When its done right its fine, like Lenoard Cohen for “McCabe & Mrs. Miller”, or Dob Dylan for “Pat Garret & Billy The Kid”. Now the De Angelis Bros is a bit too much in Keoma with the female falsetto voice, but it doesn’t bother me as much as it do some folks. ;D

yeah it was post-western time in the US already, fellas. That’s why the spaghetti western took off from there, the US western had already died at that time.

…but unfortunately the Spaghetti Western didn’t last long enough either. :-\

I just saw this movie and thought It was pretty good. Paul Newman and Robert Redford work good as a team.

Great film.

Blame tv for that.