Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (George Roy Hill, 1969)

or bad ideas, and glorifications

No I think it was tv. There were western shows on the air everywhere in the 60s, I guess the viewers got sick and tired of it then.

It was a combination of TV, and the same old tired clichés of american westerns!

Also the 60’s were a time of cultural change in many areas; fashion, art, cinema, music etc.

The slightly naive mentality of the 50’s gave way to a new approach in many areas, perfect times for presenting a much more cynical view of the old wild west!

HEAR HEAR…Boy do I agree with that sentiment


Reminds me of Confessions of a dangerous mind, when the guy is singing raindrops

maybe they were making a statement there, that the film isn’t as much a western as it a buddy movie. kinda like duck you sucker, with the ireland flashbacks, those were kinda similar

Its sure not my favorite western movie but I like It, good movie to watch every now and then.

I love these fellows. They were so cool and funny. It’s a pity they had to die… :’(
Young Redford is a man you can’t refuse. :wink:

in my humble opinon,i consider this one of the most over rated films,let alone westerns ever made.very, very average at best.i respect and appreciate a lot of people like it but it just doesn’t work for me(and i’ve seen it three times).

I see that are quite are few people here who don’t like it. I, on the other hand, do. I’ld put it in my top ten favorite Westerns. The two leads are great and overall I just found it to be a fun movie to view.

Count me in. Fun film. Like the ending. Stars work well together and seem to be enjoying themselves. Watched Mr’s Sundance this year which is not worth seeking out.

It’s a bit to self-enamored, a bit dated in parts which were very chic then and a bit too much relying on the same repeated kind of humour, which is in parts a bit simple.

But it surely is also one of the best directed westerns ever.

Yes, George Roy Hill is certainly a fine director. His next movie after Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, was The Sting which also had Redford and Newman in it. That’s also a good film, with a exellent twist that I never saw coming.

Actually he made in between the ambitious flop Slaughterhouse 5.

Finally got around to watching this. Awesome film!

Also has some really sick montages - which have some great tunes to match.


I’m glad that you finally got around to watching and enjoying it, Max.

Easily in my top ten films of all time list, and one that I’ve loved since first watching it on BBC1, Christmas Day, 1975.


One of cinema’s greatest pairings - Newman and Redford
It could, however, so easily have been Newman and McQueen…

The script, by William Goldman, is a goldmine of unforgettable quotes…and the relatively short soundtrack, by Burt Backache (Bacharach), is totally memorable.

And, we mustn’t forget the beautiful Katharine Ross

‘Most of what follows is true…’


Growing up, I had a theater not more than 100 yards from my house as the crow flies. It was managed by my best friend’s brother so I always had a seat in the not open to the public balcony no matter what the film was rated (which allowed me to get an introduction to the films of Pam Grier and other exploitation flicks long before I was of legal age). The films they showed were really a hodge podge. During the week it was generally previously released films and on the weekend was the “new” releases that had been out a month…six months…or maybe longer.

I have so many memories of first seeing so many 70s classics from the balcony of that theater and it was there that I first saw this great film (yes, I know the release was in 1969 but it was well into 1970 or after before I saw it). I was no more than six or seven at the time and my cousin of the same age was visiting from Harlan County, Kentucky. We went three nights in a row to see it and spent our days in between with our toy six shooters holstered on our hips recreating virtually every exciting scene in the movie. We even went so far as to rake up all the loose hay in the barn into a pile so that we could jump out of the loft to recreate the cliff jumping scene.

We were obsessed! :laughing:


Aren’t we all, amigo. :laughing:

Some great memories there, Brian, and memories maketh a man. :wink:


I find the memories creeping in more and more often these days. :wink:


I’m definitely with you there, brother… :+1:

But, good memories keep us young…and bad memories keep us alert :wink: