Buffalo Bill, Hero of the Far West / Buffalo Bill, l’eroe del Far West (Mario Costa, 1964)

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Has anyone seen this, or have it in their collections? I am interested in seeing this movie. I’m not sure about the year of production though. I’ve seen it listed as a 1962 production as well as being RELEASED in 1965. I am under the impression this was the first Italian western since the German western films showed the Italians how profitable the genre could be before they began doing their own. If this isn’t the first, I need to change something in part one of my SW article. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Apologies if there’s an existing thread. I couldn’t find one using the search feature.

We have the '65 info on database.
I have this film but haven’t watched it yet. Where did you get the '62 info?

I don’t recall. Either from one of my books or a website. IMDB has it listed as released in other countries in 1965, but nothing for Italy.

This wasn’t it, but it’s listed here as such…


and here also…

Same here. The film title does not put me in any hurry to change this

Giusti lists it as a 1964 production and released in 65. No mention of 62 that I’m aware of.

Gordon Scott being in it is my main interest for wanting to see it. I thought THE TRAMPLERS was awesome among his other film credits.

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Western all’ Italiana book 3 lists it as 1963 release, so does Bruckner’s small book… Fatman’s site says 1964.

aye yai yai…there’s always so much conflicting info in regards to foreign films. ???

So what year should I put on the thread title?

this title keeps coming up, always good things it seems. I guess I’m going to have to bump it up on the to-view list

If you liked HELLBENDERS, you should like this one. It has all the action the other picture didn’t have. It was shot before the later version, and also stars Joseph Cotten. Awesome cast that included James Mitchum, Franco Nero…

HELLBENDERS is one of my faves, but TRAMPLERS is an exciting action film.

The Bruckner book gives the original release for 18.11.64 , but gives 1963 as year of production. If both is true the film was held back for quite a long time.


So it’s safe to leave the year of 1964 then, since that’s its projected year of release?

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And for what it’s worth (i.e. nothing) Weisser lists it as 1964. :wink:

In reality I suspect it is nigh on impossible to be sure one way or the other. Par for the course with this genre. But I have come to trust Giusti for the most part.

Acording to Giusti’s book, 1964 is the year of release, according to another Italian book, by Gianfranco Casadio, 1963 is the year of production

Scherps, I just checked Giusti and allowing for my practically non existant grasp of the italian language I understood him to say it wasn’t released in Rome until July 65 and only in two cinemas. I may well have got the wrong end of the stick though. Wouldn’t be the first time.

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So, Scherp, is it safe to leave 1964 as year of release, or change it to 1965?

What do you mean with “first Italian western”? Italians have been making westerns since silent movie era, though it’s wasn’t untill early 60s that “spaghetti westerns” as a recognized genre came to be. Which of early Italian westerns count as SWs is a matter of personal opinion. Anyway, some Italian westerns that were released before 1963:

Il bandolero stanco (ITA 1953)
d: Fernando Cerchio

La Sceriffa (ITA 1959)
d: Roberto Bianchi Montero

Il terrore dell’ Oklaholma (ITA 1959)
d: Mario Amendola

Due contro tutti / El sheriff terrible (ITA/SPA 1962)
(Terrible Sheriff)
d: Alberto De Martino

There must be much more, these are just the ones I have. Anyway, Buffalo Bill wasn’t the first in any way. However, I believe it was first to get theatrical distribution in US and as such is a small landmark of the genre.

You’re right (I only noticed the year directly following the title in bold), but it’s also stated that they were ready to film in march '63, but the works were postponed due to incompetence of a Spanish producer

It’s getting complicated, I’ll do some more research tomorrow
Maybe it’s safe that the film was not made nor released in '62 or '63
For the moment '64 as year of production seems the best candidate, '65 the best candidate for year of release

But where did Bruckner get his dates ('63 production, '64 release) from ?

By the way, Silver Wolf is right, westerns, or western-like movies, have been made in Italy since silent movie era, as the first ‘fullblood’ western however, a film from 1941 is often cited, NOZZE DI SANGUE by Goffredo Allessandrini
I’ll do some research in this area too