Bringing back "Spaghetti Western of the month"

In the earlier days of the SWDb we had specials, focus films and a few other things, you can see an archive here:

I want to bring this back in slightly altered form: a spaghetti western of the month.


  • Collecting some suggestions here to schedule and plan out the rest of the year
  • the film gets a spot on the Main Page (maybe instead of the trailer, or in another way) and possibly as a small banner somewhere
  • it gets mentioned in the monthly recap
  • It will get a big announcement and profile on the social media channels to introduce people to it


  • the SWDb has grown, and so has its audiences of newcomers, so introducing lesser known films is still a valuable investment for the SWDb to make these classics more widely known
  • we need to rally around some titles each month to concentrate our focus (speaking for us editors at least) in terms of fixing up pages, contributing reviews, collecting pictures, fixing up links and so forth
  • it is fun

So without further ado, please post some suggestions for films that should be film of the month, with arguments if you can, I will condense them into a shortlist then.

I will start: 3 Bullets for Ringo (available on DVD, we have some reviews, not a bad movie)


Kill The Wicked! (or Kill The Wickeds) by Tanio Boccia.

Original entertaining story, good acting without comedy, rather unique mood setting minimalistic instrumental music by Lavagnino (available on CD for SW music lovers), an especially interesting good looking tough female character played by Maria Silva.

Wild East has released a DVD several years ago.

A review : Kill the Wickeds Review - The Spaghetti Western Database


I second Runner’s nomination of Il Dio Non Paga il Sabato (God Doesn’t Pay on the Sabbath/Kill the Wicked!)!

Definitely fits the category of Minor Classic within the genre. A bit of a slow burner, but the climatic battle toward the end makes it all worth it. The cast is very good, and the atmosphere adds to the feel.

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