Brimstone (Martin Koolhoven, 2016)

News from Cannes:

Director Martin Koolhoven announced yesterday that he is working on a new project, an English language western -titled The Ugly- that will be shot in Spain. The film will be produced by Isabella Films, that also produced his film Oorlogswinter. The budget will be 4,5 million euro.

Koolhoven is a spaghetti western fan, so that’s promising. Pino Donaggio scored Oorlogswinter. Perhaps there will be a renewed collaboration. Don’t know if it will be Ameria where he’s going to shoot it, but I reckon so.

I’ll post more info when I get it.

A film to look forward to, I think 8)

Maybe, this movie will bring the Spaghetti Western genre back at least a little. Maybe.


CANNES – Things are getting “Ugly” at Film & Music Entertainment.

Dutch director Martin Koolhoven’s “The Ugly” is the first in a pair of movies to emerge through deals brokered for the U.K.-based finance and production house via its pact with William Morris Endeavor Entertainment.

The uberagency has brokered a deal uniting Mike Downey and Sam Taylor’s F&ME and Els Vandevorst’s Amsterdam-based Isabella Films for a brace of films to be made during the next two years.

“Ugly,” Koolhoven’s lighthearted take on the Spaghetti Western genre co-written by the director and Robert Fusco, begins shooting in the spring. The script revolves around a gang of misfit cowboys, led by brothers Red and Bobby, who accidentally steal a side-show freak – the “ugly” of the title – and begin showing her around the Wild West for money.

Vandevorst, Downey and Taylor are setting up the project as a Netherlands-U.K.-Spain co-production with a budget of about $6 million.

Fusco is repped by WME; the project was brought to F&ME and Isabella by WME’s Adam Novak.

The deal was brokered by WME’s Ramses Ishak, Sara Bottfeld and Downey.

F&ME, Netherlands-based Bos Bros. and Isabella also have joined forces on Vincent Bal’s long-gestating project “The Zig Zag Kid,” which will shoot next year in France.

Based on the novel by best-selling Israeli author David Grossman, the film centers on Nono, a boy about to celebrate his bar mitzvah who teams with a crook to go on a crime spree. His father just happens to be a police inspector.

Casting is under way on both projects.

Sounds promising BL!

What about your western?

First up on my part is a ninja movie, which is way cheaper to make. It’s gonna be horrible, haha.

Ah. Ninjas! Do you know “Operation Dance Sensation”?

Is that a Godfrey Ho film?

I heard 'bout the Koolhoven western to, they probably shoot it late next year. I’m currently trying to work for it and have so hope to be on the crew, as far as I checked they shoot it in Almeria.

Looking forward to this one!


‘Het gaat over twee cowboy broers die een dame uit een freakshow stelen’, aldus Koolhoven.

‘It’s about two cowboy brothers who steal a lady from a freakshow’ - Koolhoven

@bad Lieutenant:
You have a link with the story?

Next to this thread, there is talk that Steven de Jong is gonna do also a cowboything for te E.O.

It´s an article of july 19th. Merely mentioned it, as I wasn´t aware of the synopsis yet. Sounds like a comedy western.


Filmhuis Den Haag
Zaterdag 12 december - 19.30 uur:
KILL THE CRITIC; interview met filmmaker Martin Koolhoven, gevolgd door THE FILMMAKER’S CHOICE: GIÙ LA TESTA /Sergio Leone / Italië 1971 / Italiaans gesproken / Engels ondertiteld

sorry non Dutch fans

[quote=“Hungry_bear, post:14, topic:1777”]Filmhuis Den Haag
Zaterdag 12 december - 19.30 uur:
KILL THE CRITIC; interview met filmmaker Martin Koolhoven, gevolgd door THE FILMMAKER’S CHOICE: GIÙ LA TESTA /Sergio Leone / Italië 1971 / Italiaans gesproken / Engels ondertiteld

sorry non Dutch fans[/quote]
As it’s only a 10 minute walk for me, I’m going.

Tell him he’s not the first to make a Dutch western…
And also not Steven de Jong who also want to shoot one.


LEEUWARDEN - Chris Zegers gaat de hoofdrol vertolken in een nog naamloze western die regisseur Steven de Jong binnenkort wil gaan maken. De Jong heeft maandag een bericht daarover in het AD bevestigd.

Greetings from Berlin

@ BL have fun
that’s the disadvantage of staying in Berlin…

Duck you sucker is one of my favorites, James Coburn is a great actor.

At least there´s one advantage of being in The Hague, haha. Well that, and stumbling into bullshit politicians.

A year ago or so I was actually kind of pondering about who to cast in a Dutch western, and I came up with Chris Zegers too. I saw him riding a horse in a travelling show. All he needs now is learn to put on a hat. A good choice, Zegers. Or: The choice I would have made. Of course the ladies like him too, which is no disadvantage either.

@ BL
was it nice?
Any interesting news about The ugly?

Wouldn’t know. Decided to stay in. Didn’t like the prospect of going into the cold. I’m such a wuss, haha.

How was your stay in Berlin?