Boot Hill / La collina degli stivali (Giuseppe Colizzi, 1969)

I’ve seen this movie once, bought a cheap Scandinavian DVD blind that had a terrible transfer with grainy colors, wich made it hard for me to get through. I knew what I was in for having read all the comments and opinions about it but for some reason I really want to like it, and I can not say that I didn’t enjoy it in some way but it was kind of hard to follow the plot watching this shitty DVD so I definatly want to give it another chance with a better version, but I don’t know wich one to get really. Maybe some fan of the movie can help me here?

Can’t you find the Retrovision DVD?

Last night I watched BHill via my retro vision Dvd … I’ve ignored HILL for a long time, aware of it’s largely poor reputation. I’ve seen GOD FORGIVES and wasn’t THAT keen on it, though it’s surely decent IMO. But if it’s the best of the trilogy, as most opine, how good could HILL be? Well, now I know … PRETTY F’G GREAT! I was in from the first moment, loved it. I stand solidly with Stanton and the others who give it an enthusiastic thumbs-up … a Top Twenty for me all the way. I’m going to watch it again, and will follow with some specific comments as to why it blew me away.

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Where can I purchase the nicer looking Blu-ray?

only in the Koch Films shop it seems, it’s a store exclusive


Is it possible to order this from any website? If not, can anyone buy it for me and I will pay via PayPal?

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Fine that you too liked it.

Btw if you haven’t done a top 20 yet, do one …

… there aren’t much new ones this year. And I make the annual changes next month.

It’s on but with a different cover

Thanks but I don’t like that cover. That’s why I’m asking if anyone can help me get the other one.


It’s weird how the original poster version is a in-store-exclusive…no wants to see the stupid German comedic dub nor this comedic poster


if I wasnt travelling the next two weeks… so if there’s still plenty available on their store by mid january, I could try to do that. send me a PM… not cheap though, if you figure in shipping(s) and possible customs fees etc…

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I have manually checked specs of the latest BOOT HILL BluRay release by Koch Films and the good news is, you can also watch the uncut version with English audio.

Full confirmed details on this edition are now updated here:,_La/BluRay


Excellent news! The Retrovision dvd is good, but I believe I’ll upgrade … like Stanton, I watched with low expectations, but came away placing Boot Hill firmly in my Top 20. I found GOD FORGIVES … perfectly decent, but nothing more than that. Like my Pappy used to say, “ some like chocolate, some like vanilla.”

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Thank you so much @Admin for helping me get this release! I’ve only ever watched this one on VHS, so I can’t wait to check it out again.


wow that was fast! Enjoy, the transfer looks really great and the soundtrack CD included here is also a nice touch


I am not sure where to rank Boot Hill?

After several attempts over the years, I finally watched the complete movie. I had ranked the movie at nearly 300 in my list due to the annoying circus stuff and the poor quality dvd’s that I have (all of my 3 copies from boxsets are poor quality). Also, the bar brawl near the end of the movie.
On the plus side, the action is good and the cast includes a lot of familiar faces.
I recently watched Boot Hill on youtube, which is much better quality and found the movie to be more enjoyable - it probably needs to move up my rankings - but I am not sure how far.

Maybe the recent bluray edition would be worth getting but it is expensive.
But Christmas is coming!


I watched the Koch release a few days ago and can confirm it’s an excellent transfer.

Like some others, I have mixed feelings about the movie. I don’t object to the circus stuff as a novel diversion, and there were moments early on when I got quite excited as it seemed to approach the epic, scenic framing of Leone, but I found it increasingly hard to follow what was going on (as did the friend I watched it with) and towards the latter half interest was waning.


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