Blue Underground

Blue Underground is a very nice label ( ) releasing many cult and exploitation films. About 2 years ago they released a great Spaghetti Western Box which is now out of print.


It included (click to enter database entries): Django, Django Kill … if you live, shoot, Mannaja and Run Man Run.

These are now available separately, Django now as a 2-disc set.


I personally own Mannaja and Run Man Run. The quality of the Blue Underground DVDs is excellent and they are all uncut and have nice extras.

Of course this box is a must have and a true collectors item now! We should have more like these! Looks like Koch media is a very decent successor!!! Haven’t heard or seen any new stuff from Blue underground. Of course the label that is puting out stuff like Ben and Charlie is ver nice as well!!! Maybe some day we can have a Sartana box???

blue underground is currently not doing any spaghetti westerns…
koch is nice, yeah.
wildeast seems to sleep right now.

if you have the BU box, can you make hi-quality scans, so i can make my own cardboard box coz i only own the titles seperately

Unfortunately it seems SW is not quite a sellable genre in US, even now in DVD era. No wonder BU never touched SW again. Neither Anchor Bay. Hope Wild East will remain in the game.

Yeah, that’s very sad. BU and Anchor Bay releases were brilliant with lots of extras. I wonder if Anchor Bay will ever release Hellbenders which they announced to do.

It’s impossible to make good scans of the box, since it won’t fit my scanner…I guess you should use a picture from the internet and make do with that…sorry…

I just received Django (the one with the extra DVD) and Django kill.
But both withouth a booklet/liner notes.

I know there were some in the earlier issues (I experienced that with Run Man Run).

does somebody own copies of Django and/or Django kill… and/or Mannaja and is willing to scan and send me his liner notes, please?

Just found the “Spaghetti Western Double Shot” on

It appears to be the Blue Underground releases of Mannaja and Run Man Run bundled together at the great price of $17.96.
Anyone know anything about it? I was about to buy Mannaja alone for the same price, then I saw this, want to make sure it’s not inferior in some way to the single discs.

Yes I bought this one. You can’t do anything wrong. It’s just that it is the Image Ent. release, that means there are no booklets/liner notes with it. But the prize is awesome

Gotcha, thanks for the info.
Of course now I’ll have to decide if it’ll bug me knowing I may be missing a booklet and liner note or two!
Ahh, the pain of being a completist…

I am not sure if the booklets are even available anymore on ANY of the dvds that are available. Usually they tend to be OOP in later issues.
I only have a Run Man Run liner note, and none in th eothers

Sebastian, give me your e-mail address - I have the complete boxset and I can do the scanning for you. But since I also have other things to do, I hope you don’t mind waiting for a few days before I send it to you.

it’s okay. If you are able to do that, that’s great. I would also like to have the booklets (i already have the booklet from run man run)

I just received new copies of Django and Mannaja, and neither of those had any booklets in them. Only the little Blue Underground catalogue.

yeah that’s normal. only the first issues had booklets

Sebastian: Could you mail me the scans of the booklets? It says on the Mannaja page that you have the booklet scanned. If you can, please send them all. I’m gonna buy all the dvds anyway. :slight_smile:

yeah I can scan the Run Man Run booklet. I don’t have the Mannaja booklet

Cool. That would be great. Thanks.

Has anybody seen the Spaghetti West Documentary on IFC, Its a Blue Underground Production, If you have not seen It you need to check It out.

Review for the Documentary

yeah I’ve seen it, but i don’t think it’s something of a revolutionary thing :wink: somebody should take ALL the interviews and little featurettes/documentaries available and make the ULTIMATE spaghetti documentary (10 hours long or so)