Blue Underground

(me) #21

I wish BU would release Death rides a horse anybody else agree?

(Sebastian) #22

it’s out by MGM in Europe, just import it

(kevinbellamy) #23

I own the MGM Euro version for ‘Death’

It’s worth it :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #24

I heard the audio quality is pretty bad, but whatcha gonna do, it’s a bare bones MGM disc, won’t get much better

(R-T-C Tim) #25

I just watched it the other night and it sounded fine, the PQ is beautiful (reviewed at my site).

(me) #26

I dont have a all region dvd player

(ENNIOO) #27

Time for an upgrade perhaps ?.
Alot cheaper than they used to be

(me) #28

Yeah I just keep putting it off. It would be nice to know I wont have to worry about the region codes

(The Halitosis Kid) #29

Tell me the MAKE and MODEL NUMBER of your dvd player and I will try find you a multi-region hack, worth a try :wink:

(me) #30

Thanks but thats okay I might buy one when I got some money to waste :slight_smile:

(Yodlaf Peterson) #31

where are you because it is availabel in Europe , U.S. and Japan. (but the U.S version is a box set of all 3)

(me) #32


(Tegh48) #33

I just want to point out that has some really great deals on the Blue underground discs, and other Spaghetti releases in the U.S. like the Great Silence. The BU doubleshot, goes for around 14$ to 15$, and I picked up The GReat Silence for 13$!! The Anchor Bay releases are a bit more expensive, going for around 16$.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #34

You’d be better off gettting the region one mgm boxset then :slight_smile:

(sartana1968) #35

blue underground stop making dvd’s why???

(Sebastian) #36

My review of Get Mean

(ENNIOO) #37

Wow thats nice quality, looking forward to getting this one.

(Sebastian) #38

And another of our catalogs redesigned. I might add Man Pride Vengeance. But for now at least the page looks better and the details are on the individual pages anywho…


(Sebastian) #39

finally managed to review this great disc