[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Piripero) #1965

I’m not sure if the Japanese blu rays of Johnny Yuma and Viva Django have been discussed here.
A Google translate of the specs at Amazon Japan indicates that Johnny Yuma is an English dub and Viva Django, Italian (both with Japanese subs).

Unfortunately, there’s no Amazon review of Viva Django and the blu ray review of Johnny Yuma has no comment on the transfer and suggests the reviewer hasn’t purchased it,

(Mad Max) #1966

Anyone bought the new Mercenary blu ray from 88 films ? Any reviews yet?

And can anyone confirm it has english subtitles for the english audio ? I have the koch release, but if this one has english subs, I’ll be replacing my old copy.

I just find it more relaxing watching a movie with subtitles even if the audio is english as well.

(ENNIOO) #1967


(Sebastian) #1968

Are there comparisons out yet between the various Mercenary BluRays?


(Piripero) #1969

There’s a side by side of Koch vs Kino here: http://www.dvdactive.com/reviews/dvd/mercenary-the.html

As expected, it’s the same scan, which IMO was quite decent.

(morgan) #1970

It seems Kino Lorber has slightly better picture quality. But Koch has the Italian audio… Is it confirmed that it also have English subs? Also there is an UK BR just released?

(Piripero) #1971

What makes you think it has slightly better quality?

(morgan) #1972

Slightly darker, slightly better contrast. But that might just be the eyes through which I see.

(Piripero) #1973

I couldn’t call it either way from the screen grabs - I just wondered if you’d screened the two discs.

(Nick) #1974

You have some amazing eyes then! I can barely see a difference really.

(Novecento) #1975

As we wait for the inevitable comparison of screen-grabs online, does anyone happen to know if the Arrow released used the same scan in the first place?

(Sebastian) #1976

Duck you sucker now announced. I updated the SWDb with all the info

(morgan) #1977

I should probably not be the judge of that.

But it’s about time for an upgrade to BR of Il Mercenario for me. I have the Koch Media DVD. So which one to choose? I think I’ll go for the Kino Lorber for starters.

By the way, the Kino Lorber is listed as 110 min, while the Koch media is listed as 106 min. How comes?

(Piripero) #1978

Fistful of Dynamite also appears to be a re-release of the existing scan with some different extras.

How long until ¡Mátalo! or some other forgotten gem gets a release on blu?

(Sebastian) #1979

I highly doubt there is an actual difference in runtime, it might either be due to different opening/closing credits or just different counting… not aware of any different versions of that film being out there in HD…

(Piripero) #1980

Novecento - I don’t think Arrow have released The Mercenary on blu.

88Films is releasing it but, as there’s no mention on their site of a remaster, it may also be the same scan.

(Novecento) #1981

Sorry - yes I meant 88 films.

(Novecento) #1982

The messed up audio is the issue with this one. Hopefully they will have corrected that for the release.

(The Man With a Name) #1983

A Fistful of Dynamite is one of my favourite spaghettis. It’s actually my third favourite film from Leone after Once Upon a Time in the West and For a Few Dollars More. I have the Italian Blu-ray, which is reasonable enough for me since it has the original mono but the English track does drop out and switch to Italian for a bit, so an upgrade wouldn’t hurt.

(Nick) #1984

I wonder if we’ll be getting an English mono track with the original music and extra cuss words? That would earn a purchase from me.