[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Asa) #1945

Right, well that’s the Ringo double-bill pre-ordered.

Yes, well, I’ll believe that load of auld bumspasm when I see it.

(I’ve pre-ordered Navajo Joe - again - anyway, just on the off-chance that 88Films actually mean it this time :slight_smile:)

(Nick) #1946

Yep, it’s unfortunate and I’m ashamed to say it. Also I don’t own a multi region player and there’s only one American releases that I could acquire, but it’s at a hefty price.

(Also I’ve been spending my money on hoarding some original posters…)

I will gladly be updating my top 20 to accommodate these films!


Really hope you like them! Pistol is lighthearted fun and Return is amazing.

(Gritz) #1948

I am going to be honest here and as much as I love the Ringo films, the Koch DVD’s are such great presentations I would have rather seen some titles with less than stellar releases. Granted not everyone has those Koch discs so for them this is great and Sartana hopefully is far behind so.

(Novecento) #1949

Just DVD? No BD?

(Nick) #1950

It would be phenomenal if El Puro could be released… I keep seeing screen shots of the Italian TV rip and my heart sinks every time knowing how unlikely it’ll be released.

(Søren) #1951

They are also coming out on blu-ray at roughly the same time it seems:

(Sebastian) #1952

Updated all the relevant pages with the latest info (the 88 Website doesn’t seem to be 100% free of errors btw):

Obviously, IF you shop at Amazon, it would be great if you could go through the SWDb’s Amazon links first, doing so supports the SWDb fundamentally through commissions. Thanks and merry christmas to all!

(Phil H) #1953

The Koch DVDs are good releases but I prefer them in Italian and for this I need English subs. The Kochs have English audio but no English subs for the Italian audio so the Arrow releases will be a step up for me in that regard alone. Plus, I live in the UK and feel very much that I need to support any release made here. There have been so few in the past.

(Novecento) #1954

I wonder if they will have the correct timing for the music on the intro to Navajo Joe? So many previous releases have stumbled here.


Even if they fix it, the ‘animal cruelty’ will undoubtedly be edited out courtesy of our lovely BBFC.


Those pesky kids at the BBFC do love to stick their unwanted oar in! … but thank goodness for them, otherwise we’d all be tying up horse’s legs with piano wire and roaring ‘giddy up!’ :relaxed:


British Bore Film Classification.


Yep … I was wondering if these animal cruelty scenes were cut when the film was originally released in the UK ?
Horse tripping was certainly a detestable practice, but chopping up a 50 year old film to adhere to current legislation is not the answer.
I did hear a story from an actor who worked on ‘Catlow’ (1971) who told me, that on a day off he visited the location of ‘Chato’s Land’, which was being filmed at the same time. The crew were filming the scenes were the posse burn down the Indian village, and director Michael Winner and co. had horses shot on set with a shotgun, and apparently the animals were deliberately only wounded so their last movements would be captured on film. That’s pretty disgusting … but I still don’t agree with post censorship - it says more about sweeping the problem under the carpet, rather than protecting animals or the viewers delicate sensibilities.

(kevenz) #1959

Great to see that the two Ringo movies are getting the blu ray treatment :+1:

(Nick) #1960

Wow… that’s just wrong… Like Cannibal Holocaust levels of wrong. I’m not exactly an animal rights activist, but gosh be golly do you have to shoot a horse for the sake of “authenticity”? That’s almost akin to murder in my book.

Speaking of Cannibal Holocaust do the new releases of that film get censored in Britain? If they don’t that’d be a good indicator that the BBCF have it out for westerns.

(Søren) #1961

88 Films had their Man from Deep River cut so the same rules still apply it seems.

I fully understand the purists view of having these movies presented uncut especially with these movies made when the movie making world was different. That said, scenes where animal cruelty patently takes place still makes my stomach turn so the “viewers delicate sensibilities” probably do play a part in all of this censoring. I saw an Italian crime movie recently where a group of sheep where driven directly into and a couple of the took direct hits from the car. Pretty disturbing sight.

(Nick) #1962

I completely agree, I’ve helped my dad clean animals after hunting and have even worked for a taxidermist and I still feel sick seeing a horse getting tripped, let alone seeing animals getting shot and stabbed all for a bit of celluloid and some ticket sales. It’s a disgusting practice that I’m glad has been removed from the modern film industry.

Edit: I am going to make an edit and say that while I despise horse tripping, I also despise watching fake CGI horses flail around. Case in point the new Ben-Hur movie, it was an awful movie, but those CGI horses helped it reach a solid zero in my book.


We have a release by Shameless which is only missing the muskrat murder. But every other animal death is there for some reason.

(Phil H) #1964

I updated the DVD/BluRay news page to include the recent and upcoming UK releases from Arrow and 88 Films.