[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Stanton) #1985

I’m also sure that it is the same version, no other version is known anyway. Most likely just a wrong info on their website or on the Blu’s cover. Such mistakes happen often enough

(Sebastian) #1986

Japan often escapes us

(Nick) #1987

Wow, W Django got the blu ray treatment?

(Sebastian) #1988

and who knows what else, I spent only 5mins on the .co.jp site…

(Nick) #1989

Since we’re on the topic of Asian releases, I also just received the two Nobody films on Blu Ray from a South Korean company. I wanted to make sure of that they weren’t bootlegs before I mentioned anything here, but they are in fact legitimate. They’re Region 0, and feature English language options (Also features German on A Genius, Two Partners, And an Idiot). They even have a nice Cardboard case! I’m not sure of the print quality as of yet, but I’ll find that out a little later today.


Cox doing a commentary on another film he doesn’t like? I gotta hear this!

Regardless of their dirt removal, I’m not holding my breath. Kino’s GBU blu-ray was crap for the most part.

(Novecento) #1991

Let’s just pray they use the Italian release as a reference for the correct audio…

(chuck connors brother) #1992

I don’t see how it was crap at all

(chuck connors brother) #1993

This slip card was in my most recent Arrow bluray

51 PM

(Søren) #1994

Yep. That’s how the Arrow Sartana box set hopes was sparked initially. Great that Arrow has at least one more spaghetti western coming up.


It’s weird because that could refer to Light the Fuse or If You Meet. I hope the latter… or a box set.

(Phil H) #1996

Keep the faith. You never know your luck.


Did Wild East ever say why theirs was cancelled?

(Jonny Powers) #1998

I read somewhere they couldn’t get the rights to all of the official films

(Piripero) #1999

I look forward to your comments on My Name is Nobody. I used to own the French steelbook version. For quality it was amongst the best SW blu rays I’ve seen, marred only by burnt-in French subtitles. I gave it away when I bought the German (Universum) version.

Mistake - not only has toilet scene flatulance been censored, but it appears to be scanned from a later generation print (dark and dupey). Might have seemed acceptable had I not seen the superb French (and now pricey) blu first. The 44th Anniversary special edition was no great shakes either, by all accounts.

(Nick) #2000

I’ll try and get a full review for the South Korean Nobody box set and a comparison on the Explosive Media and Kino Lorber Face to Face on here sometime in the near future. I’m fairly busy right now though, so I might just pop in the Nobody Blu Rays and give a quick glance tomorrow and make some comments on in this thread.

(Novecento) #2001

Those burned in subs are the only downside to the otherwise excellent French release. Fortunately the subs aren’t too distracting. If you understand any Italian or French, you also get a commentary by Valerii (in Italian with French subs) along with a really excellent documentary with interviews with many crew and actors.


Why on earth do people review things before they’ve even come out?

(ENNIOO) #2003

To much time on their hands.

(Asa) #2004

He’s probably not the full ticket Dean to be fair, looking at his reviews and writing style. He also gave a fairly lengthy review to a How I Met Your Mother DVD box set despite not owning the box set and never having seen the show.

Funnier are the numerous Amazon Answers supplied by customers whenever they choose to answer with a helpful “Don’t know”:

The Amazon Answers sections are full of those sorts of helpful insights.