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We hope really…

(Nick) #1926

Glad to have you here Argoman! There’s nothing wrong with having controversy, in fact I’m glad that you provided screenshots of the film as I haven’t seen any of the German Blu Ray yet. The colors are definitely off, and there is some definite age related issues as well. Are there any more issues throughout the film? Is there any way you could provide more screenshots of the new Blu Ray?

(Sebastian) #1927

capsaholic added a few http://www.caps-a-holic.com/c_list.php?c=4427
however it compares to the UK disc, not the French disc

(Nick) #1928

Well this certainly turns my last post around. These screencaps for the German Blu Ray actually look really good, for a film of this age of course, and the colors seem to be really nice.

(kevenz) #1929

some people mentioned the grindhouse version to look better but in my opinon… both print look very similar… the standard version has a bit more detail.

(Søren) #1930

The colours and details look nice but that blue/green snow must be wrong. In any other spaghetti that wouldn’t be a major problem but damn the snow is one of the main actors in that movie.

(Phil H) #1931

Happy to be able to spread this news finally.
I can’t wait.

(Asa) #1932

(Søren) #1933

Very nice welcome double feature. Awful cover.


Good job it’s reversible!

(Søren) #1935

Ah yes. Just saw the reversible cover. Pretty awful as well. Oh well, I’ll be looking at the spine most of the time anyways :slight_smile:


Gemma looks about 70 on that cover.

(Søren) #1937

Still pretty good news that Arrow still picks these up. I had not expected that.

(The Man With a Name) #1938

My suggestions to them were I lunghi giorni della vendetta and Sentenza di morte. I’ll be happy to buy this Gemma double feature though.

(Nick) #1939

Ah man Sentenza Di Morte would’ve been awesome! Especially with the prospect of hearing it in English for the first time. Though I’m really looking forward to this release since I’ve never even seen the two Ringo films.

Yeah it looks pretty generic to be honest, but I think it could’ve ended up being much worse, though Gemma is looking a little uninterested and old there. I think the best SW cover they had commissioned was the Cemetery Without Crosses case. Really neat looking!


[quote=“VanEyck, post:1939, topic:660”]
I’ve never even seen the two Ringo films[/quote]

Really mate?

(Phil H) #1941

Well I’ll be expecting an update to your Top 20 and /or Alternative Top 20 as soon as you have. :wink:

(Sebastian) #1942

Good news, Dorado has re-opened the pre-sale



All the original italian poster of Ringo especially Return of Ringo ARE a little bit off.

(Sebastian) #1944

88Films gearing up