[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Søren) #1905

Thanks for the info. Are there full German subs for the Italian dub ?

(Stanton) #1906

Yes, subs which translate the Italian version. The German dub sounds good, but is too often different.

(Jonny Powers) #1907

Found this podcast, apparently Synapse will be putting out Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die and Django the Bastard in the future:

Info at the one hour 35 min mark

Also, saw this listing on blu-ray.com for a German Django double feature set:
Django Kills Silently has already had a blu-ray release, but it seems the other title is Django the Bastard as well.
Along with that, I spotted a listing for a single disc release of the German It Can Be Done Amigo release from Universum:

(Sebastian) #1908

Probably just a reprint? It already exists https://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Anche_per_Django_le_carogne_hanno_un_prezzo/BluRay

(Sebastian) #1909

Now that would be really great. It is currently only available as part of that box, but a single disc release would really be awesome, even though it is not English-friendly.


(Jonny Powers) #1910

Ohh, didn’t see that when I looked under Django the Bastard

(Søren) #1911

Ah come on. That box cost doesn’t cost more than around 20 euro. Many of the single blu-ray I buy cost more than that. I take it that most German Spencer/Hill fans would want the whole box?

(Sebastian) #1912

Yes true, but there are probably folks out there who would rather just get the spaghetti western :slight_smile: Not sure but I guess there is a market for just that single release :slight_smile:

(Novecento) #1913

It seems they obtained the rights to French audio though…

(Piripero) #1914

Reviews of the German Great Silence blu over at Amazon.de are mostly positive, with some remarks about deficiencies in the original, some relating to adverse filming conditions.

Eagerly awaiting next year’s Film Movement release.

(Sebastian) #1915

I am waiting for my new BluRay player to arrive so I can post some first hand impressions also… overall I think it’s a great release all things considered. The biggest bummer is of course that it is not English-friendly, otherwise who knows if another company can get their hands on a better HD transfer…

(Piripero) #1916

Will be interested to hear your impressions.
I wonder if Film Movement’s North American release will be based on the same scan. Seems unfortunate if the 4K scan doesn’t make it to blu ray.

(Stanton) #1917

These 3 reviews are older, and so only about the old DVD release.

Amazon does still add reviews of older discs to a new release of the same film. Which often can lead to some irritations.

(Piripero) #1918

Four are specifically reviews of the new blu ray.

(Novecento) #1919

Well as Piripero’s post shows, an English friendly version will be coming out on BD - it would be great if they use the recent 4k remastering for the BD although how much this will actually differ from the 2k version remains to be seen:

(Sebastian) #1920

Yea if you filter by bluray it shows I think two reviews from this week that pertain to the new filmjuwelen disc

(Sebastian) #1921

So I popped the disc into my old player (but the new HiFi system), and went through a few chapters and audio tracks to give a preliminary first impression:

Filmjuwelen’s BluRay presentation of The Great Silence is a delight. It’s not the most pristine transfer (it’s not a 4K scan from a negative, but a 2k scan from some other interpositive or something - of a German print, judging from the opening credits), but it looks … miles better than any version you’ve ever seen on home video. Close-ups are great, colorful and largely free of blemishes. Landscapes and snow look okay, but dirty and with a yellow tint, what else would you expect. Overall it looks really good. The other version included on the disc is a scan of Mike Siegel’s 35mm print, and it’s a fantastic extra. Of course full of speckles, scratches and all that (they call it the Grindhouse version), but aside from that the quality is nice and the colors and contrast are really well. The downside is, that you can’t watch this with any other audio or subtitles. Speaking of audio: I think the French track sounds best, but a bit too hollow. The Italian sounds better but I have the impression it’s been through a rougher time. The German track sounds worst: while it’s got more oomph, it has audible noise throughout. The extras assembled otherwise are a whole lot all things considered. My first impression: Very good, with a few downsides (the release is not English-friendly being the biggest disappointment).

Ich habe kurzfristig die Scheibe in meinen alten Player (aber mit dem neuen HiFi System) gesteckt und mal hinein geschnuppert um meinen Ersteindruck vorab abgeben zu können:

Die BluRay Präsentation von Filmjuwelen für Leichen Pflastern seinen Weg ist eine Wohltat. Es ist nicht der überragendste Bildtransfer (kein 4K Scan vom Negativ, sondern ein 2K Scan von einer anderen Quelle, deutsches Material vom Vorspann her zu urteilen), aber er sieht… um Längen besser aus als alles was man von dem Film im Heimkino bislang gesehen hat. Nahaufnahmen sehen sehr gut aus, farbenfroh und halbwegs frei von Schäden. Landschaften hingegen sowie Schnee sehen OK aus, aber dreckig und vergilbt, was zu erwarten war. Insgesamt sieht das echt gut aus. Die andere Version die mitgeliefert wurde ist ein Scan von Mike Siegels persönlicher 35mm Kopie des Films, und das ist ein fantastisches Extra. Das ist natürlich voller Flackern, Kratzern und Störungen (daher als Grindhouse Version aufgeführt), aber davon abgesehen ist die Qualität prima und die Farben sowie Kontrast echt gut. Leider gibts das nur mit deutscher Tonspur. Apropos: Ich finde die französische Spur klingt am besten, aber zu blechern. Die Italienische ist besser aber sie scheint etwas mehr durchgemacht zu haben. Die Deutsche Tonspur ist die schlechteste: sie hat zwar ordentliche Tiefen und klingt erdig, aber leidet unter konstantem Rauschen. Die Extras die man geboten kriegt sind eine ganze Menge. Mein Ersteindruck: Sehr gut, mit ein paar Abstrichen (der Mangel an Englischen Sprachoptionen ganz vorneweg).

(Nick) #1922

Thanks for the lowdown on this Sebastian!


Hi to everyone, I’m sorry to write my first topic with a controversy… (And i’m sorry for my italian/english) I do not agree with Sebastian, the bluray JUWELEN was a disappointment! How do you say it’s “better than any version you’ve ever seen on home video” ??? But have you seen the old dvd Studio Canal / Canal Plus ??
Here two screenshots:
For the whole duration of the movie the snow changes from blue to green …
On the bluray there was not a slight color correction from the scan of the positive (because this is POSITIVE and you can see! Other than negative …) The film is old and it shows! Once done they could work better!
A great missed opportunity!

(Sebastian) #1924

It was only a first impression. And I do not know the Canalplus DVD, only the Australian DVD and various TV versions. Let us hope that an upcoming French BluRay will be better, I am very certain that this BluRay is not the best that is possible, but it is HD and it looks ok for now…