[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Nick) #1843

So if it’s not utilizing the 4k restoration, then will there be a future release that does utilize it? Or will it be one of those 27’ Napoleon ordeals where it’s only to be shown in theater’s and unavailable for home viewing?

Yeah, Vonetta and Frank definitely dubbed their characters in the film.

(Sebastian) #1844

well I assume either when someone dishes out the money for it, or has a licensing deal that involves getting THAT material…

(Novecento) #1845

It’s seems really strange to me that after a long wait for this to be released on Blu-ray, a company decides to release a version not based on the new 4K restoration. Don’t they realize that as a niche product, most consumers are going to be in-the-know and will therefore probably wait for the inevitable release of the restored 4K version rather than buy this release? Or maybe they have done the numbers and I’m wrong…

I also wonder what the aspect ratio will be since it has apparently been incorrect on most DVD releases.

(Sebastian) #1846

what’s the correct one? 1.85:1 or more like 1.66:1 ?

(Stanton) #1847

1,85:1 as far as we know now.
All new releases are 1,85:1, the trailer on the old Kinowelt disc also, and Mike Siegel possesses a hard matted 35 mm copy in that aspect ratio.

The aspect ratio of about 1,56:1 on the older disc was pretty strange anyway.

(kevenz) #1848

It appears Killer Caliber 32 blu ray has been delayed to January 11th 2018.

We still have Sartana blu ray and Jesse & Lester blu ray coming up this week :slight_smile:

(Nick) #1849

Wait Jesse and Lester is getting a blu ray release…?:laughing:

Of all the Spaghetti that could get a high def release lol.

(The Man With a Name) #1850

If I enjoyed it on my VHS, I imagine I’ll like it even more on the Blu-ray but you never know. :slight_smile:

(A Man Called Dakota) #1851

Is the German bluray of Jesse and Lester the same cut as the VHS? Thanks.

(Sebastian) #1852

not sure, how long is the VHS?

(A Man Called Dakota) #1853

1hr 33mins.

(Sebastian) #1854

listing says “approx 97mins”…

(kevenz) #1855

Yes the runtime for Jess and Lester blu ray is 1 hour 37 minutes.

Also the Sartana blu ray has been delayed to January 26th 2018.

(Nick) #1856

Good luck to the studio doing the Sartana restoration… hopefully it culminates in a better product then we could’ve ever imagined!

(Nick) #1857

So I took some time to look around on the database and I didn’t notice that any of these releases were listed, it seems a Japanese company has been releasing some Spaghetti Westerns on Blu Ray. There’s five total that I think they’ve put out, which I’ll list below:

I think this is Un Dollaro Tra I Denti’s first blu ray release. I can add these into the database… but I’ll be honest I can’t read Japanese and Google Translate isn’t really working for this… But these look really fucking good.

Here’s a screenshot from Un Dollaro Tra I Denti.
And Another.


If that Il Grande Silenzio is the same Japanese blu-ray listed in the database, then it’s apparently complete shit.

(Sebastian) #1861

It isn’t, I just updated it, the other is from 2013, this new one is from 2017. But unclear what the image transfer is, if they just re-used that one, then it remains shit of course

(Gritz) #1862

Oh man, the Sartana blu-ray has been pushed back…bummer. Then again I have been waiting years for a decent release so what is another couple months. I mean from a 4K scan, in its correct aspect ratio and uncut, man that will be a prize in my collection.

(kevenz) #1863

Unfortunately it’s only italian and german, no English dub.

(Søren) #1864

The Sartana blu-ray ? Did they change it because it was earlier announced as having the Italian, German and English dubs !?