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(Sebastian) #1823

Cover artwork has been added


(Novecento) #1824


Hopefully there will be English audio along with Italian audio and English subs on one of the other countries’ releases. I’ve always found the English audio to be above par on this film.

(Nick) #1825

My loins are tingly in anticipation for this.

(Sebastian) #1826

So far there is no indication that it would be English friendly :frowning:

(The Man With a Name) #1827

Tried watching it in Italian once and didn’t enjoy it as much.


“Well, that sucks!”

(Novecento) #1829

Except that we are surely going to get Italian and French releases which will have other audio options.

(Sebastian) #1830

yea but who knows if that includes English. We’ll stay tuned


When we talk about a classic and favourite amongst many fans, I wonder how necessary an English dub is?
What I mean is, if you’ve seen the film dozens of times, and know the story inside out, why not watch it in it’s original form?
Although I have always loved ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’, I have also been irritated by some of the English translation, which seems to be word for word from the Italian dialogue … and rhythmically some of it just doesn’t sound natural, especially ‘Cheyenne’s’ monologues.

A few years back I watched the long Italian version without subtitles, and had no problems at all, in fact I found the film much improved … watching as a native English speaker with only a smattering of Italian, French and Spanish, the film takes on a stronger sense of menace, and the sometimes ‘flowery’ poetic dialogue seems much more convincing in the writer’s original language. Plus: I didn’t have to endure the painful sound of Jack Elam’s character dubbed by another English voice, and the unconvincing studio laughter from Strode and Mulock’s characters.
I’d urge anyone interested to give it a go … I found it very rewarding and closer to what I assume the director had intended. Leone could hardly comment on how an English phrase was delivered or which regional accent was appropriate … so it’s the Italian version for me for in future screenings. :wink:


I’ve been trying to find a copy of that Italian CVC DVD for a while.

(Sebastian) #1833

Final cover artworks for the BluRay, the Mediabook and the DVD added


Really doesn’t look good in terms of English-friendliness. Also, doesn’t seem to be based on the 4K restoration…

(morgan) #1834

First time I watched Il Grande Silenzio was by pure accident, on TV back in the nineties, I didn’t know it was running, I didn’t even know about the film, just stumbled upon it zapping around, at the exact moment the film started. Had my VHS recorder running in a wink of a second. It was in Italian. And even if I can understand only bits and pieces of that language, I enjoyed it immensely. English subs or no English subs, this is one I really look forward to for Christmas night!

(Sebastian) #1835

Hearing rumors of a HD release of Run Man Run… :wink:

(Novecento) #1836

What? :anguished: That’s so weird.

That would be great - I’ve always preferred it to “Face To Face”.

(Novecento) #1837

Leone’s films are generally an exception since a lot of care was put into the English scripts and the English dubbing. This also seems to have been the case for the French versions as well - there’s some nice footage of Leone personally supervising the French dub of DYS over on the relevant thread. Personally I like to hear the actors’ original voices when I can (which is often not the case in Italian versions anyway - Franco Nero was dubbed in Italian sometimes too even though he is Italian), So personally I’d take Fonda, Robards and Bronson in English for OUATITW; I believe Cardinale was dubbed in both English and Italian.

As for “The Great Silence”, does anyone know if the English audio features Vonetta McGee and Frank Wolff’s own voices?


[quote=“Novecento, post:1837, topic:660”]
does anyone know if the English audio features Vonetta McGee and Frank Wolff’s own voices?[/quote]

Frank’s yes, Vonetta’s I’m not sure.


Yep … there’s no mistaking Frank! … “Maureeeeeeeennnn!!!” PS: I’m Irish, and I’ve never seen so many redheads wasted so badly. :smile:
@Novecento 99 times out of 100 I’d totally agree regarding the importance of hearing the original actor’s voice … but in this case, for me the Italians did it better.
Whilst on the subject of OUTW, I also think Jason Robards was a bad choice in casting - Cheyenne should be a much more flamboyant character, like Tuco or any of Fernando Sancho’s 100s of bandit types. Robards is too laid back and too wordy. Having said that, it’s still an unrivalled masterpiece.

(Novecento) #1840

I haven’t watch TGS in a while now, but I do remember him sounding the same as in OUATITW.

Well Italy does do dubbing better than just about anywhere else - I mean they even dub native speakers!

I personally like Robards in OUATITW. I think his style fits the character far better than a Tuco or Juan character would have done. Not to knock Steiger’s performance, but I wish Leone had managed to get his way in having Wallach play Juan in DYS.


Frank Wolff has dubbed himself in everything I’ve seen him in so far.


@Novecento … I think Steiger is fine as Juan Miranda, however a Spanish friend claimed his accent sounded Cuban … and what part of Ireland Coburn’s ‘Mallory’ comes from is a complete mystery. It is to Irish what Dick Van Dyke is to Cockney in ‘Mary Poppins’.

Wallach would have made this a much better film, though I still have a lot of time for this one.

@Dean The only one he’s not dubbed himself that I can think of is ‘Last of the Badmen’ 1967 … it’s one of those annoying familiar but unnamed voice actors, which leads me to the question, is there a thread on this topic, or can anyone identify the half dozen or so voice artists who turn up time and time again? There’s one guy who sounds like American actor John Forsythe who’s dubbed for Craig Hill and many others … but my pet hate is the ultra smug voice used for George Hilton and Terence Hill (‘Boot Hill’) films … this one reminds me of ‘Troy McClure’ from ‘The Simpsons’. I’d love to know who these guys are so I can hurl abuse at the TV the next time I’m watching a SW. :wink: