[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Farmer_J) #1561

Yeah ordered mine the day it came out and its being listed as shipped now. Can’t wait!

(Marco_83) #1562

Did someone bought the German box “Die härtesten Western aller Zeiten” here and can tell something about the quality of Django?

But I guess it has the same quality like the blu-ray from STUDIOCANAL.
The last Blu-ray i bought was Mannaja from “Edel Germany GmbH”. That was a waste of money… I never Pre-Oder films again unless its from Koch Media.

(Stanton) #1563

I haven’t bought it, but these are surely the same versions which Studiocanal released on the single discs. Just a re-pack.

There will be also a limited mediabook release with three different covers of Django by a smaller label. But it seems it is also the same disc with the same bonus material .for those who have enough space on their shelf:

(Sebastian) #1564

… who have 40 bucks to spare. I almost fell off my chair when I saw the list price

(Marco_83) #1565

Here u can order the 3 Versions:


This price for a repack version…no way!

Complete overview: http://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Django/BluRay

(Søren) #1566

Those genre releases by small German/Austrian publishers are often excessively expensive (releases costing 30 euros are very common) and it’s very hard to ever find them cheap. They could learn something from their British and American counterparts.

(Stanton) #1567

It’s pretty cheap compared to the new German Don’t Torture a Duckling Blu for only 110 € …

It’s all part of the new Please Torture the Customer (aka Don’t Spend a Buck for Anything Else) major offensive by the film distributors.

(Sebastian) #1568

I disagree, it’s part of the “let’s make more money from collectors so there’ll be more of these movies on home video” :smile:

Granted, 109 bucks is excessive, so is 40 bucks for Django. But most of these companies make little profit from these niche releases, so one way to ensure that they can continue those classic cult movie lines is by tapping the premium market, i.e. following a Criterion strategy. At least in parts… I’m split on these questions but I prefer an amazing release to a measly 9,99 one any day if it means that movie hasn’t ever gotten this much love since it came out in theaters.

(Stanton) #1569

Maybe, but the 3 Django versions are probably only offering the Studiocanal Blu again. In that case you would pay mainly for the package and maybe a booklet.

And the Fulci disc surely isn’t worth the 110 little fuckers.

Criterion is of course mostly worth the price.

(Sebastian) #1570

(djvaso) #1571

Cut-Throts Nine, from Code Red, soon

(Asa) #1572

Are Code Red blu-rays generally region free, or is this going to be strictly a region “A” affair?

(Bill san Antonio) #1573

Is it impossible to correct that typo?

(Søren) #1574

Haha. Didn’t notice it straight away :slight_smile: Strange how something so easy to check hasn’t been caught.

Maybe the cover is only a mock-up? Pretty dreadful either way.

(chuck connors brother) #1575

They printed the DVD with that typo… great looking print though, and they fixed the explosion at the end

(John Welles) #1576

MVD Entertainment are releasing Comin’ at Ya on 3D BD on January 26th.

Pretty good cover:

(candela) #1577

screenshots of Code Red’s Cut-Throats Nine bluray

(djvaso) #1578

Gaumont is releasing Minnesota Clay in March 2016

(Søren) #1579

But only with the (useless :slight_smile: ) French dub or… ?

(djvaso) #1580


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