[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases 📀

They’re releasing A Black Veil for Lisa with John Mills and Luciana Paluzzi @Gritz, unfortunately it’s got the 18 ratings logo on it.

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you mean in terms of how that might complicate shipping?

Normally Gritz and I get our German releases from JPC, but they don’t ship DVDs or Blu Rays that have the 18 rating logo on them outside of Germany.

For this particular film there’s also the Arrow blu-ray.

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You are correct @makesthemovie good memory. I do indeed get all my German releases from JPC except for when they are FSK 18 then I go with Amazon Germany.

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Does anyone know much about the frenezy label releasing Lanky? I see it is now available, but only on amazon.fr (frenezy have no option to send to UK direct). It’s a bit pricey at 30 euros including postage. Just wondered if their releases tend to come down in price, or get sold by any other sellers? I can’t see any frenezy releases listed by anyone else other than amazon.fr at the moment!

web-link to add to website listing: https://amzn.to/3RqjbU6