[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases 📀

Colosseo is the license holder.
Picture quality is a big improvement compared to old Koch DVD.


But interesting that they didn’t release it themselves. There were some rumors that she’d “retire” or something, but the company is still active, maybe sitting on a pile of active Germany licenses. There are a few Colosseo titles that would be great to have on BluRay still…

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Colosseo Switzerland is closed. Instead company now is active in Italy only.
There will be no future Colosseo releases anymore. Only in cooperation with other labels like Explosive. Currently they are working on a Giallo and this could be THE surprise release for 2024 since a lot of fans request the movie since years😉


That’s a shame, I’ve loved all of the Colosseo releases I’ve owned

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It’s good news its finally got an upgrade. As for the English subs on the Koch DVD for the German audio: They follow the Italian dialogue in the first two acts, albeit in crude simplified form; however the third act is devoid of Brother Baldwin’s theatrical oratory, and the less said about the fourth act the better. If those subs are simply carried over to the upgrade, it’s a somewhat lazy option as the film is best seen in Italian, not least for Salerno’s masterful voice acting. Hopefully, Arrow will pick this one up and with the English audio too.


Red Sun 4K and Blu and DVD details entered into the database. French cover should come, too, at some point, and I am guessing it will be released anywhere else as well where Studio Canal has the rights (Japan, Germany etc).
Edit: no Germany release from StudioCanal, not sure about other markets.

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German Django 2 discs now shipping. I hope to get some reactions regarding the transfer soon, and it would be interesting to know which international labels may possibly release this controversial title.
France: StudioCanal France is always THE FUCkING WORST at releasing cover art on time. It still hasn’t for the Great Silence release that’s already a week old, and it still hasn’t for Soleil Rouge, StudioCanal UK was quicker…


I am still updating the calendar daily or more often, always worth checking in every now and then. Often I just make minor adjustments, for example if a final cover art replaces a temporary artwork, specs or features become confirmed, or release dates change, but sometimes its also minor releases from spain etc that get added and so on and so forth

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Navajo Joe re-release added for August. Was this Kino disc one of those with the faulty soundtrack in the opening sequence? should we try to reach out to Kino?

Yep, but only on the English track. Same with 88 and Koch.

once KLSC posts it on their social channels, we should all comment and let them know.
We have a description of the problem somewhere don’t we? The music sets in too late or too early if I remember

Any word on any upcoming German Blu’s @Admin Seb? Explosive Media only had a Giallo in their newest announcements.

at this point, all I know and that is confirmed is on the calendar page, including the rumors section.
I still suspect also a Winnetou III for sure, and I have hopes about the Dollars films… Explosive Media is a bit of uncertain but I think there will be some more if we’re lucky, Uli is definitely trying to release a few more :slight_smile:

Yeah the music starts too early. It’s meant to cut to the guys on horseback on the beat. But we still see Aldo Sambrell scalping the Indian instead.

is there a video comparison anywhere that illustrates the problem that could be linked to?

Well, I can definitely say this is the correct version. It syncs up perfectly with the horses galloping. So fuckin’ cool.

Just received a mail from Amazon about my pre order. Red Sun will be released on September 9th.

where? the UK and France releases are scheduled for July I thought.
Edit: ah, postponed it seems

Yes postponed.

What Giallo is EM releasing? @makesthemovie

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