[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases 📀

Really! What label? A new scan or working with the current one used in the States and Germany?

88 Films

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I ordered from Amazon uk at the beginning of November. On the day of release, the status was suddenly “out of stock”. I then ordered from rarewaves, it was dispatched immediately and arrived at the beginning of January. The box is also in stock at Arrowfilms.

the funny thing is that Amazon also lists it in stock, so weird

Let’s hope 88 films don’t use the inferior scan. There’s two available.

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Today at shop.plaionpictures.com :
Without shipping costs

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Now I have ordered the Trampler Blue-ray :+1:

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I’ll be travelling a bit, so not much in terms of updates from me the next near-two weeks. Sites I check: bluray.com, bluray-disc.de and upcoming listings on amazons mostly (requires a bit of fiddling and sorting to get all the future titles).

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Wow. Paramount strikes again. Once Upon a Time in the West in 4K!

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Wow, thats a fancy-looking package. Is that a slipcover with a flip-up on the front?

Sure is Max!!!

Looks like Seb chose the wrong day to go on holiday :joy:

Yes… Standing in an immigration line Reading this

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Lovely. Any dates?


All those with Swdb editor Accounts pls update the info in the database as more info comes in. Stay cool all. Greetings from Miami


Specs added


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