[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases 📀

Extensive “Hate ist my God” news for Germany (no worries, will be English-friendly release).

First of all, I would like to briefly address the little-big problem child, the Italian sound.
As we hold the German rights to the film as well as international rights, we naturally want to position ourselves in the best possible way in order to:
a) offer you as customers the best possible product and
b) to be able to offer the title to other interested parties as a sublicense.
In recent years, we were able to locate a 35mm copy of the Italian version through a good friend by chance in a provincial Italian movie theater.
This was truly a sensation, because a warehouse fire years ago destroyed all the material for the Italian version of the film, including all the contractual documents, which is why the title can no longer be officially released in Italy.
The situation is quite different with the international/German rights, for example, which we have secured for life and fortunately we were able to find all the material for the film at the Murnau Foundation, which went to Axel Springer Verlag at the time and was never returned to the rights holder.
This included the English sound negative, the silent German OCN (of which each country made its own cut), trailer sound negatives, a German 35mm archive print and thousands of stills taken directly on set.
Back to the Italian sound and the last few weeks…
We can tell you that we found another Italian theatrical print at the Cineteca Nazionale…and the sound is truly 1A compared to anything you’ve seen or heard so far.
So the search is finally over.
What else?
We have now found 3 different German movie posters for the film, all of which we want to include in our release. In addition, there is the (perhaps) only German poster photo that has survived all these years…we already have an idea of how we can use it in a tasty way for you, see below.
What else is interesting? Exactly…what do we have in mind…
You’ve probably heard it enough already, but yes, Italo westerns are not easy to market and certainly not an unknown gem (yes, it is!) like IL NERO. Or maybe it is, precisely because of that? We’ll see…
In any case, we have seen how tough a sell-out can be with our follow-up edition of TÖTE, DJANGO.
That’s why we want to go all out right from the start, and it looks something like this: 4K UHD + BLURAY Limited Edition | Single DVD & BD release at a later date. The Limited Edition will contain the following:

  • German, English & Italian versions of the film (it is not yet clear whether there is actually an English version, the sound negative still has to be compared with the German and Italian versions)
  • Trailer (as a recut; based on the English trailer sound negative)
  • Booklet with at least 4 different texts about the movie
  • Artbook (bound) with all available set stills for the film (possibly also integrated with the authors’ texts)
  • Packaging? We are leaning towards a nice sturdy box where everything has its place, but we have other ideas…
  • The German poster photo as a limitation certificate
  • Featurette: (still secret) :wink:
  • Audio commentary is also planned, but only when the final master is available



This is the greatest post I have ever seen.


I’m eagerly awaiting Il Nero!
And then in 4K UHD. PHANTASTIC


One more note about Plaion:
Last year there was a 3 for 2 offer on the German public holiday “Ascension Day”. Buy 3, pay 2, the cheapest film is free. Maybe again this year? The public holiday is on 9 May.

can’t wait that long, are you insane? :smiley:

Wow we are finally getting Hate is my God, I am all in for the limited edition :raised_hands:


No, I’m not, just patient, because patience pays off!

Me too !

Bah humbug! I’ll believe it when I see it and not before. If that day ever comes, I will happily acknowledge my skepticism was wrong and join in on the celebration…but not before. :unamused:

It’s traction LG and I will take that!!!

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As the saying goes: hope dies last.

I wouldn’t discount this news, coming from a label that rarely (to my knowledge at least) gives this much insight into their projects. Pretty sure they want people to know about the amount of work they are investing in this project and they wouldn’t communicate it if it weren’t close to the finish line, thus they’re confident enough to slip the news.
At any rate, great news, and another stellar release we can look forward to. I am not aware of FilmArt releasing sub par stuff…


I have big faith in FilmArt. They have shown with previous releases how serious they are about giving us the best most complete version of a film that is possible. They really proved this with last years release of the Shaw Brothers all time classic The Avenging Eagle which for the first time got released in it’s entirity thanks to them finding a print that included scenes from the end fight that has been considered lost for a long time.


Problem is that filmArt announced the release first in 2014.
That was10 years ago!
Saying it in polite way…not a clever way of marketing.

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good things take time :slight_smile:


From 2014!
But the explanations become more concrete :grinning:


Looks like a very good new year present. Guess it’s worth waiting 10 years after all.

10 years is nothing. :smile:

barely more than half the savage gun box sets ordered thru swdb links have shipped (UK amazon)


Hanni Caulder is coming to the UK :slight_smile:

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