[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases 📀

Phil says Top 60 and not Top 50…
So I think one of these:

The Ruthless Four
Death Sentence
They Call Him Cemetery
Vengeance Is Mine

Or maybe: I Want Him Dead (only Japan release), Johnny Yuma (only Japan release)
A Stranger in Town (French and Japan release)


It was worth a shot. :laughing:

I can confirm that one of these is correct according to what I’ve been advised


Keep talking, Phil :beer: :wink:

barkeep, a few more tequila shots over here for our young friend Phil who is really really thirsty

Ok, then, I have all of these in pretty good versions, I do not see the need to upgrade any of them, at least not now, not in the near future.

What I really want is of course El puro, the holy grail …

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I’d be happy with any of these but I really want Vengeance is Mine!


Me too, but I kind of feel like it should be released alongside Blood Money really. Either Ringo style or part of the box set. Doesn’t seem right one without the other to me.


One of my dream sets would be a mix of the following: Un Buco in Fronte (A Hole Between the Eyes), Ognuno per Se (The Ruthless Four/Every Man for Himself), Il Pistolero dell’Ave Maria (The Forgotten Pistolero/The Gunmen of Ava Maria), and Sentenza di Morte (Death Sentence).

I do have a strong feeling They Call Him Cemetery will be on the newest set.

I was gutted when Phil said it’s not one of them…still am actually.

Same. I’d be happy with Death Sentence though. I’d be a bit gutted if They Call Him Cemetery is one and Vengeance is Mine isn’t.

I agree but who knows other than @Phil_H? We could easily get both in this set.


the last one didn’t have an actual theme eiher, just a title

All of them were about getting vengeance is some way tho right?


hm not sure, but that qualifies almost all spaghetti westerns

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Eureka are down to the last few copies of their Limited Edition version of Run, Man, Run (with the slipcase, poster and bonus disc) so grab it now if you haven’t.

Seems to have sold quite quickly compared to there other stuff, so hopefully they know people are hungry for Spaghettis!


Yes we are hungry :yum:

I guess I have to grab it again. :face_exhaling:Almost two months. Still nothing.

Arrow announcement at the end of this month though!!!

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Some covers and Amazon links to German march titles were added

I’m assured the Arrow box set will be announced as planned tomorrow