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that would require putting in effort though, something raro doesn’t like doing much :joy:

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If someone would contact them and ask for it, it’s much possible that they might consider it. If someone could provide audio tracks from an old VHS tape or so for source, I think they would consider it even more

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pretty sure the SD version mentioned might just be what was on the Wild East disc, I doubt any VHS source would be much better…

I always wonder why companies seem reluctant to do this. The US release of The Big Gundown is a classic example.

Recently I considered buying Imprint’s Australian release of “Queimada” (Burn) starring Marlon Brando to see the longer cut. But it had Italian audio only for the longer cut …

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One common explanation is an unwillingness by the average US customer to watch movies subtitled, which is also usually the explanation for remakes of overseas movies even though the originals are barely a week old: it’s more lucrative to remake the entire movie with Tom Hanks than try to sell the obscure Norwegian original to US audiencs with subtitles on…


The long HDversion of Belle Starr…will it still have subs for the Italian audio?

Yes. Must? They woudln’t release a BluRay in the US without at least subs :slight_smile:

Which is because a great deal (not all) of the younger portion of our population in the U.S. have few reading comprehension skills and attention spans that rival the common hummingbird. They have been raised with little to no discipline and showered with entitlement. Mark my words, when they are the ones in charge, civilization will crumble.

Also, Hollywood doesn’t want these movies released and the movers and shakers there have the power to make sure it doesn’t happen - at least with a wide release. They would rather re-make the movie, which typically is far inferior to the original, so they can fill their pockets with all the cash.

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You make it sound like some evil conspiracy :slight_smile: they certainly would release more foreign movies if it made sense economically, but most likely it would not. Here in Germany the situation is just the same, you get arthouse and foreign flicks just in the niche cinemas of bigger cities, the rest watches marvel movies or dubbed hollywood blockbusters…

But if enough people were to write to Raro Video, they might relent. After all, if nobody complained, why would they change?


I think you might be underestimating the power Hollywood wields…and not just in the U.S. :wink:

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I am not saying it’s not powerful, but they’re not doing this to be mean to Seb and Brian, Hollywood is a business, they do what makes money.

Which is pretty much what I said. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just received email from kino regarding Belle Starr HD blu ray confirmed it has indeed English optional subs .


I’m all about complaining, as a few of you may have noticed! :wink: … the very fact that this 3rd rate movie is being released at all in BD format, to me suggests lack of interest or foresight regarding the genre … it’s a very poor movie which just happens to be available in High Definition, so from a business POV, why not bang it out, as it probably costs next to nothing to get the rights - It’s already been on You Tube in HD for a couple of years and has been Fandubbed into English also … quite a few of you muchachos know where to find that LOL

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Okay this is what I do not get. If they don’t want to parce together the longer version with English subs only for the missing English audio track, which would be ideal but okay fine…but if the longer version is in HD why on earth is the US shorter version in SD. If you have the whole film in HD you can just edit out the scenes where there is no English audio and recreate the US version in HD.
Then you have the option of international cut in Italian with English subs in HD and the US cut with English Audio in HD as well. This should be done!
Could someone please at least try to put that on Raro or Kino’s radar too!


Yes it should … but they can’t be arsed doing it that way :crazy_face:

Literally anyone with editing software could do this in a few hours, if that.

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Let’s say it could be done in a day, with re-syncing the audio and checking it over … but yes, you’re right, it’s not a big deal in tech terms … that’s what I’m saying in my earlier post, the companies concerned can’t be bothered to make that effort,


I know, studios I can totally see not giving 2 cents about the fans but small companies should be aware enough to at least put in a little effort when you sign a film, you owe that to the fans of any given film.

This is from a film site that prefers to remain anonymous … there are two separate statements about re-syncing the English track to , 1, a French TV recording, the 2nd from the Italian HD Youtube version

It took to me about 2 weeks working several hours a day to adapt the English audio to the French video, and you may still find that the odd scene is slightly (about 1 or 2 tenths of a second) out of sync. Unfortunately, the English audio was going out of sync either too fast or too slow at random (it could be every few seconds or every minute or so) with no predictable pattern. So let’s say it required a lot of patience and determination to obtain an acceptable fandub.

The English version has all the dialogue intact, none of which was truly synced not even to its own version (!) and I am not talking about missing frames, cause the words after isolating them were all there. I believe that the reason some have found it impossible to sync them to the newer version is that the dub itself was done pretty badly. They used blank audio space to add voice overs, that do not match the Italian print or lines, they added much when the actors turn their backs to the camera or when their mouths are covered and in general it is chaos. You cannot just cut and adjust, you can only work with clean dialogue and take (and also adjust in many cases) music, gunshots, ambiance etc. from the original Italian mix. Some lines started earlier and others much much later, all random