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Really narrows it down. :roll_eyes:

I personally would rather them make sure everything is perfect and take an extra month or two instead of trying to rush.


I just watched the Long Days of Vengeance blu ray and the picture quality is disapointing to me.
I compared it to the previous Italian dvd I have and it’s the exact same master but upscaled and with some denoise filter to hide the pixelisation.


Blu Ray:

It’s a pretty lazy job if you ask me but at least you get English dub + English subs :slight_smile:


I noticed some severe quality problems with this one that I described in my (German) review but was unable to properly pinpoint… seemed like an encoding issue, but maybe it is what you say, an upscale that noise filtering is unable to really hide… not sure. That it is based on the same master is by itself not an issue. You can scan the same master several times with different technologies or budgets with different results :slight_smile:

it’s an issue because it’s being advertised as high definition and it’s not.

Edit: also in no way this is a ‘new’ scan, both prints have the exact same runtime and the same colors and such… the only difference is the blu ray is darker due to the denoise filter most likely… some scenes are really dark later on.

What I mean to say was that if one version looks like based on the same master as another, then that by itself doesn’t necessarily have to present a problem in itself, as the same source material could have been re-scanned using newer technology or better budgets. The problem with this disc runs deeper - or it’s indeed as you say. At any rate, not a great transfer and not actual high “definition”

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The English dub is from the Wild East version … it sounds like it’s been cleaned up a bit, but some sections are very rough, and some are only a few years old! … their ‘homemade’ dub. Check out the scene at the train station when Francisco Rabal briefs his men what to do if they find ‘Ted Barnett’ (Gemma) The original 60s audio suddenly changes to ‘Amateur Hour’

How is the Johnny Hamlet dub, is it complete?

Not sure, watched it with Italian

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I paid extra to have Long Days of Vengeance arrive today, and the incompetent cunts at Amazon have failed. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. First world problems ‘nd all that shit.

One might say I’m a raging ball of fire like @Admin was the other day…


Not sure if it applies to those who preordered through Amazon UK but…I emailed grindhouse video here in the US to ask if it’s been delayed and they said the new street date is 2/13.

Yes that is the new street date and therefore entered into the SWDb 4 days ago. Not to be bragging, but we’re pretty darn good about home video info in the database these days, haha :smiley:


Ahh I didn’t catch that. I guess I should have just checked the most obvious place to find the date instead of checking my emails every hour haha.

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So they finally admitted they lost my blu-ray. Guess I dodged a bullet, because the idea of it being an upscaled DVD with recycled Wild East dub is rather lamentable.


I take what I can get in this genre, best not to be too choosey unless there is a real reason for complaint. Its not as bad as people are saying. While certain sections of the dub are annoying at times, you won’t find a better version of this film. And the image quality is better than DVD - if only marginally. I see no reason to slam this release. Of course, if you are happy with what is already available then that is fine too.

Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead would get jealous if I suddenly started watching a different movie anyway.


Why? … I don’t understand that statement - there is every reason for complaint because time and again manufacturers are cagey to say the least about what can be expected from their releases - often giving next to no information regarding source, running time, or quality of the elements used - We as customers are in general way too soft on these issues.


Because we are talking about an extreme niche, and at the best of times the source material of these films (audio dubs ect) is not exactly brilliant. So, I can never understand all this nit picking and unwarranted scrutiny when companies actually decide to give these films the love they deserve. We all know how hard it is to come by decent versions of some of these films and have watched plenty of crappy vhs quality too. Expectations seem to be through the roof, is what I’m saying. Be realistic. Enjoy it for what it is, because there is little to complain about here.

eh… well, it’s not exactly nit picking if there’s no actual HD on a BluRay though…

Fair enough (I’m not saying its excellent)