[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

Am I the only one who’d give my eye teeth to see a blu of the great John the Bastard in the works?

Nice, mind you, to see that Movie-Time catalogue entry for Stranger in Paso Bravo, which may not be a masterpiece but which I find quite satisfying in a low-key kind of way.

And yes indeed - how long has the world got to wait for El Puro??

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‘John the Bastard’ appeared on Spanish TV in HD … so a BD release shouldn’t be out of the question. I too was really looking forward to it, but after several repeats, I found it’s lacking something,which I think is humor and empathy for the main character :thinking:

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I’ve been curious to see John il Bastardo for a while now, the TV app Tubi had it as part of their SW catalogue, but the quality of the print they had was absolute garbage.

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I’ve been unable to find much info about John il Bastardo, but given that it’s meant to be an SW imagining of the story of Don Juan, one of literature’s most amorous fellows, wouldn’t the whole point be not to really be able to identify with him as he’s so selfish? This is just my interpretation though, I could be wrong.

And yes, including some element of humor is always a must in SW.

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Tubi at one time had a huge number of spags on their app but a vast majority of them were not great quality. On the bright side, this was where I finally got to see Robert Hossein’s The Taste of Violence and several others that I had not found anywhere else. Since FOX bought Tubi though most of those are no longer available.

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Catalog has received an upgrade, but only visual…


You’re quite right, but there are loads of immoral characters that can be fascinating and hilarious, therefore gaining our pity/sympathy … this version of the tale though is just an arsehole with no redeeming qualities … he even treats his sidekick / assistant like crap - So the overall impression I got was this should have been a rollicking naughty but nice romp, but alas, it’s a bit of a downer :frowning:

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Two September titles added. The calendar keeps a-growing…

I agree that he’s an (almost) total wanker and should probably say why I’m such a fan, but I should do that on the John Il Bastardo page. But Aldo, that’s the second time you’ve made my week - “not out of the question” will do for now :slightly_smiling_face:.

There was a version on YouTube late last year which I watched a couple of times. Print quality not ideal but it seemed fairly complete. More recently I looked at the MUBI, and as far as memory serves it not only looked dreadful but was cut to ribbons. Alas.

I’m just sayin’, GH, that these rare prints are out there … I know it can seem like miracle after watching old VHS versions for years. No reason why the SW fan should suffer these crappy transfers much longer :wink:

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Haha after the last few weeks have seen so much news, it’s gotten a bit quiet… I wonder if there will be any last minute announcements for big bang christmas releases or of this is pretty much it. Will be interesting to see. Not that I dont find this year’s calendar impressive (it is…look at it), but still. there might be just a bit more out there that I hope will hit us this year rather than next :slight_smile:

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I know Arrow and Eureka have some more really impressive releases planned here in the UK but suspect they will be for 2022 now. One thing is for sure, there’s never been a better time to be a SW fan here. Some great Blu-ray releases happening all the time it seems.


2022: The year of the Italian West. Has a nice ring I think.

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I really think this year has been fantastic for blu ray releases in general. So much fantastic stuff is coming out from all kinds of companies.

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GBU Italian 4K release added to the calendar

Now officially…on 09.12.21 Koch will release LA COLLINA DEGLI STIVALI on bluy ray special edition:



For German market it is a kind of “sensation” because it is the first time that the original German cinema dub from 1970 will be included on a home cinema medium. Spencer/Hill Fans waited for this since many, many years

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Just added it to the database, along with two Explosive Media re-releases. The only sad part is that the Boot Hill cover with the original poster motive will be a Koch Films shop exclusive :frowning: