[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases


Because he told them that his case arrived dirty and they probably didn’t believe him. Many of them were dusty for some reason.

It played fine, luckily, unlucky other people’s. I still let them know how good their colour correction and how accurate their theatrical edit was.

It looks like a lot of people will be double dipping on Massacre Time. What a great set!!! Can’t wait!

I’m looking forward to Bandidos the most.

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Same! Bandidos was on my top 3 list of most wanted on blu-ray.

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I can’t actually find the 4K Django for sale on Amazon, am I doing something wrong?

I found this link on Amazon, but it might not work if you’re not in America.


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We do the finding for you, you can click on the links in the SWDb :slight_smile:

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USA Amzn Link added

UK link is here here:



As for the GBU 4K Disc, movie censorship summarizes:

  • correct reconstruction of the international theatricla cut
  • the old UA logo and English language credits are those of the 2017 BluRay, supposedly matching the theatrical cut and being correct (the US laser disc might have been the abberation). Unclear about the different Grimaldi credits.
  • the transition in minute 24 still has a slight red tint, being one of the few frames that are from a different source material
  • the BluRay, not just the UHD, is also this new reconstruction, not merely a reprint of the 2017 BluRay

New June title



At last an official release ! :slight_smile: