[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

I just found out today Kino was putting out Man of the East. I already have the second German Blu-ray release, but it would be nice to have the Kino version too.

Just in case anyone was wondering: the disc includes both English dubs, I just checked that because the cover sleeve and most existing reviews don’t include that info.

Interesting how the BluRays of Koch and BU take a different approach here…


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Via Dawn of the discs:

Please use the SWDb’s Amazon links if you can, find all details here:



Is there any prospect of that Django release and the Keoma one coming in Europe/Region B?

I wouldn’t mind some of those extras…

Well CultFilms in the UK had these listed as you can see from the database, but those have been pushed to 2021, so no idea if they materialize.
The US Arrow release of Keoma is confirmed Regions A and B by the way

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Just saw this bit of news after the agreement between BU and Arrow

(Soren my friend, you’ll love this)


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LOL. Yep they should have done a UHD-release initially though. This is bound to piss some folks off :slight_smile: Nice to see though.

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Hey guys does anyone know when the Django Arrow blu ray is going to be released?

The Arrow 4K UHD edition of Django is coming out sometime in early 2021 and all pre-orders for the first 4K restoration special edition and steelbook are being shipped as of earlier in the week. Not sure as of yet when any retailers and Amazon can start selling stock regularly though.

Cheers amigo. I can’t let this one slide anymore.

The only negative I can say about Arrow’s Django is that the English dub is the default track.

When I was doing my first write up for the SW Digest, I took a look at my Arrow Steelbook (I’m still thankful to Amazon that they honored everyone’s pre-order back in 2018) as I was giving two quotes from the film in my piece, but I can’t remember if I automatically pressed play and it went with Italian or I checked the audio setting in the main menu before playing. I think it might have been the latter as I started checking when I found out Cemetery Without Crosses also did the English as default.

Quick question for those who’ve gotten their editions of Massacre Time in the mail: Are the English subtitles a translation of the Italian track for the feature and the interviews with Hilton and Fulci, or just for the feature? I did pre-order my copy, but with shipping from Germany to the US now taking up to a month or a little over thanks to COVID, I have a feeling I’ll be receiving it at some point early in the new year, and I haven’t seen any English language reviews of the product yet, but the stills look amazing.

I can tell you in a few minutes, almost done watching the feature, and I am also gonna publish my english language review of it later :slight_smile: good timing, huh

So one Hilton interview is the one from the Wild East disc (atrocious quality) and it has German and English subtitles. The second Hilton interview is from Explosive and is a bit newer and in HD, and it also has subtitles in German and English. The Franco Nero interview comes without subtitles, not sure where that one is from actually, it is Italian with German overdub (kind of like a German TV featurette). The interview with Fulci (which is audio only) is also from the Wild East disc, and as such has English and German subtitles, plus, it’s also kind of bilingual as it is recorded in English. The audio commentary does not come with an additional English language subtitle.

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A longshot, but I hope it has both English dubs.

it does

Thanks Sebastian, glad the Hilton interviews are subtitled in English; a shame about the Nero interview not being subtitled, but I can’t get too picky since Mr. Bruckner’s company did an overall fantastic release. Thanks again.