[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

Is there any more news on Koch Media’s the Any Gun Can Play Blu Ray release?

That will be bad then. A bitrate in the low 10s. I sincerely hope we are not just getting a ripped stream.

Yes it does exist. There’s also a good chance that WE will release Dead Men Ride with English audio in the future.


Looks like the Sabata US Blu-ray and Face to Face have gone out-of-print. Maybe a few other Kino releases, but I haven’t checked. Shame I didn’t grab them earlier. Here’s hoping they get reissued.


2021 Germany:

12.02.2021 OESTE NEVADA JOE in blu ray/dvd Mediabook 2 different covers:

Can’t find information about the release. English friendly or bonus at the Dirk. Havent heard of the label before. What to expert?

don’t expect much. not a good label and likely not English friendly

I had previously only added a DVD

I think details will follow soon…

Hi there Grinder, are there any hints of other German releases in the works, aside from this and Explosive Media’s upcoming Massacre Time and the one Gianni Garko/Claudio Camaso film releases? Thanks for any answer you can give.

For 2020 only two further releases are anounced:
The mentioned TEMPO DI MASSACRO from Explosive Media and UNA LUNGA FILA DI CROCI from White Pearl:

For 2021 the company Mr. Banker that is going to release OESTE NEVADA JOE is planning to release another seldom early Spaghetti/Euro Western as blu/ray dvd Mediabook. World premiere on bluy ray. When official data appears I will post it here.
Then company WGF is working on a very rare Spaghetti Western (first time on digital medium) but due to material difficulties it seems it will be on dvd “only”.

Koch Films has tons of titles in their “pipeline” but it is not clear yet when they start again to release Spaghetti Westerns in their new blu ray series. Rumors are that possibly VADO…L`AMMAZZO E TORNO or CORRI UOMO CORRI or IL SUE NOME GRIDAVA VENDETTA could be first titles.

Explosive Media currently is more focused on the US Western but still interested in realeasing Spaghettis on blu ray when there`s the chance to get a “classic title”.
If we all keep fingers crossed theres also the small possibility that Colosseo wil release another final Spaghetti Western…i will let you know…

I forgot:
Digi Dreams is planning to release following blu rays:
CIAKMULL and IL PISTOLERO DELL`AVE MARIA. They have officially anounced this in their Forum. In a strange posting the label boss also mentioned to release CONDENADOS A VIVIR.

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Perhaps they’re waiting for another Tarantino western so they can slap the good ol’ “The main inspiration for…”-stickers on :woozy_face:

Lovely if The Man Who Cried for Revenge got released!


Which of these isnt in our BluRay news calendar yet?

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Not in calender are:
CORRI UOMO CORRI (at least not linked to Koch)
OESTE NEVADA JOE (Mr. Banker/Cargo)

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OK adding these but the evidence is still a bit unconcrete on these, lets stay tuned :slight_smile:

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New announcement: Man of the East



And another one: The Hills Run Red



OK, now it`s official.
The second 2021 release from Cargo/Mr. Banker in Germany:

GLI EROI DI FORTH WORTH as blu ray/dvd Mediabook, 2 different covers:



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Thanks for the update.

Also put the new Valdez BluRay into the database that was announced in the UK


Never seen this one but Bronson plus Sturges in an Euro western, count me in!

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