[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases


Just double checked and that release had Italian and French audio, my mistake earlier.


Any news on the Koch Media restoration/release of Vado…l’Ammazzo e Torno (Any Gun Can Play/Go Kill and Come Back)?


The Arrow version of The Grand Duel (and Keoma) is FAR superior to the Mill Creek version.

(Piripero) #2692

Could you expand on that?

(kevenz) #2693

the Arrow version is a bit better but it’s more blue and also missing two shorts scenes.

(Grinder) #2694

The new Koch series will probably start in last quarter of this year (or maybe earlier = September).
But they have not announced first title yet…


Thanks Grinder. I missed out on the original item you posted when Koch made their first announcement of the new line, could you possibly leave a link to it. That would be great and thanks so much for the info.

(The Man With a Name) #2696

What’s missing?

(kevenz) #2697

the white horse tripping and a little kid taking a piss in the middle of the movie.

(The Man With a Name) #2698

Is that missing from the US Blu-ray, as well?

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #2699

Django the Bastard from Synapse is coming to Blu Ray. Should be a good upgrade over the VCI Stranger’s Gundown DVD.

(Søren) #2700

Yep. Got mentioned here just a few days ago. Hopefully it’s an upgrade over the Retrovision-release aswell that I got but haven’t gotten around to watching as of yet :slight_smile:


The Arrow disc looks to be the same in the US and U.K. The region A version on the Arrow disc is 5 seconds longer than the region B though.

I bought the U.K. disc and put it in my multi region player when set to region A and did the same with the player set to region B. Five-second difference.

(Grinder) #2702

Hm, I am not sure were the link was.
I think they have annonced on their facebook site in December 2018…


Thanks again Grinder, will give it a look.


So it’s almost the 20th, and the Django Blu-Ray (on the label ‘Cult Films’) is supposed to come out on that day (the Cult Spaghetti Westerns boxset as well), but on Amazon.co.uk it just says “Currently unavailable”. There’s not even an option to pre-order and the box art is still blank. Does anyone know if it’s still coming out, or has it been cancelled/delayed?