[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Nick) #2669

Ooo super excited. Hopefully they have a print thats grungy and dinged up. The original Strangers Gundown US dvd had the perfect amount of grime to suit the movie.

(Lonedrifter) #2670

Not sure if this has been brought up


(The Man With a Name) #2671

I hope The Specialists Blu-ray has the full English dub!


I wonder if it exists. Hopefully the dub with Italian inserts at the very least.


Interesting. I do have the French Blu Ray/DVD Combo, but am completely willing to double dip as long the Italian audio with translated subtitles is included. Thanks for the tip.

(Søren) #2674

In either case its probably not going to beat the French UHD with the Italian and French dub and English subs. Not going to get better in my book.


You’re probably right, as this is Kino we’re talking about.


Same. It’s a bit strange though considering I don’t even like this movie :laughing:


(kevenz) #2677

The Grand Duel comparison

Mill Creek:



Definitely prefer the Mill Creek one, but seeing how it’s going for £60 on Amazon I’ll happily stick with the Arrow version.

(Novecento) #2679

Surely French audio with subs would be preferable for this particular release?

(The Man With a Name) #2680

It’s only a few quid on eBay.


I’ve always seen it as an Italian film as the original title, original language, director, screenwriters, composer, and a good bit of the cast are Italian, but it’s certainly an Italian/French co-production with the participation of Johnny Hallyday, Francoise Fabian, and Serge Marquand. That’s just me though :grin:


I was at Sheffield Horror Con today and one of the vendors had a SW section, including this release and a few Wild East DVD’s.

(kevenz) #2683

Really ? it’s only $4 brand new on amazon canada here

converted to GBP equals £2,30 for two movies on blu ray.

It’s so cheap :slight_smile:

(Novecento) #2684

This and Cemetery Without Crosses are the two where I really insist on French audio. In this case , I suppose it is only because of the leads, but in the case of the latter we also have a French director, etc. I remember when Arrow couldn’t get the rights to the French audio of Cemetery Without Crosses they made some claim about it being originally Italian anyway - I lost a little bit of respect for an otherwise stellar outfit then :frowning: . Back to The Specialists, hopefully we’ll have a choice of French, Italian and English.


I can totally understand that. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious as to what the French audio track was like, but given the very Italian feel and atmosphere the film gives off, I completely adore the film. From other releases I’ve seen of the film, I don’t recall ever seeing a French audio on any of them.

I hope this didn’t completely sour you on ever buying from Arrow again as they do a great job with every title they acquire.

We’ll know eventually which audio Kino will pick, it’ll depend on the condition most likely.

(Søren) #2686

The German Anolis release which is the only other release I have had of the movie also contained the French dub.

(Novecento) #2687

Yes - that’s the one I have.


Probably should have done a bit more legwork :laughing: I’ll deffo add the Mill Creek blu to my shopping list now, thanks man.