[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases


Yup, Artus Films’ Les Tueurs de l’Ouest, Le Retour de Ringo, and Un dollar entre les dents are now listed on Amazon France: French, Italian/Spanish audio, French subtitles.

(Sebastian) #2590

thanks for the update. Not surprising, unfortunately. Updated all this info in the database


Any new news on the Koch Media Western titles Grinder mentioned a while back? Been searching for info and just can’t seem to find anything.

(Sebastian) #2592

not so far. we’ll have to wait until after the spring releases are out to see what they’ll announce next I think…

(Asa) #2593

A blu-ray presentation of the old Argent Films DVD set?


(Phil H) #2594

Would explain why Arrow couldn’t get the rights to Django here wouldn’t it.
Hopefully a good remastering of all 3 titles (Django, Keoma and Bullet for the General). The last one of those in particular would be very welcome here.


I’ve just decided to buy the Blackjack Blu and while I know my experience with it won’t clear up the audio issue for good I’ll still let you all know if there is an issue on my player or not.

(Rayo) #2596

Yes, I ordered as soon as pre-order was available on Amazon…


Will be released in two weeks.

(Sundance) #2598

Based on the posts at Blu-ray com it seems the FAFDM disc is once again the cut version. In that case I’d rather just watch the German disc even if it is considerably worse looking.

I wish some other company had gotten the rights for the Leones. Oh well.


Me too.

Me too.


Me three. I guess that’s one I can take off the shopping list.

(Sebastian) #2601

What a bummer


Kino do a fantastic job with horror and silent films, but they are really out of their depth with westerns.

(The Man With a Name) #2603

What’s the wrong with the picture quality exactly? Looks pretty damn good to me!


Pedantic nitpicking, perhaps ! LOL

After years of watching the retail VHS pan n’ scan version … dreaming of a widescreen release etc … I’m bemused with all the quibbling over a few frames missing here or there … or higher bit rate, colour saturation, grain level and so forth.
None of the technical info regarding the integral version was available during the video cassette age … You were just damned happy to get to see the film. :confounded:

(Sebastian) #2605

True, blissful and dark age at the same time

(Sundance) #2606

They probably do good job on some other titles because the materials for those don’t have as much issues as the spaghetti westerns. So when you don’t really care, it is easier to make good releases out of something that doesn’t really require you to care… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, at least with the GBU they tried to fix the issues (but failed). FAFDM they cared enough to make a new scan (good) but then…

It’s just… old, I guess. :smiley: Coarse grain. Looks oversharpened. If Kino did a good job with their new 4K(?) scan (which I assume they did based on the hometheaterforum post) it will be much better than the German disc.

Just like the RHV scan of Fistful is much better than the old MGM master.

The 4K scan of GBU also totally destroys (except for the colors which are shit on both… :wink: ) the old MGM master which already was a little bit worse than the other two films I think.

But like I said, I would still rather watch FAFDM uncut from the German disc instead of the cut (if it indeed is) Kino disc.


There’s no release date on Amazon anymore. I hope it’s not bad news, because I’m looking forward to buying this.

(Nick) #2608

So I guess I’m out of the loop here on FAFDM being cut. What exactly is missing? I’ve always been under the assumption the MGM releases were uncut (the few mili-seconds of boob when Indio pulls the blanket away from LVC’s sister, various headshots and other bloody scenes). So what am I missing that’s in the German version?