[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Cat Stevens) #2569

Arrow announces The Grand Duel for May.


Yes!! I remember suggesting this title to Arrow last year when I sent them a fan email. Great they’re putting it out.

(Sebastian) #2571

And on both sided of the atlantic, too. Excellent

(Søren) #2572

Yes. It will be interesting to see if this will be cheaper getting from the US than the UK here after the Brexit deadline. Know a couple of ‘customs safe’ dealers in the US that supply Arrow titles but none in the UK.

(kevenz) #2573

So Arrow is just re-releasing Blue Underground’s catalog…. Django, Keoma, Grand Duel, Texas Adios…

next one should be a bullet for the general and companeros I guess.



(Sebastian) #2575

what bugs me is that they are not carrying all the extras over, such as the Grand Duel audio commentary. So when you are upgrading and then ditching the old DVD, you are basically saying “adios” to the audio commentary… that sucks so much

(The Man With a Name) #2576

And I was hoping for an unofficial Sartana collection. :smile:

(Søren) #2577

Kind of agree. It would be nice if they would go off the beaten path and release something not already released to death. But that they release any spaghetti westerns at all is a major plus.


True and true.
As much as I want El Puro, marketing a LVC movie will obviously be nice and easy for them.


Totally understandable. Given the debacle with the Django Blu Ray between AV and BU, it’s probably just a matter of playing things safe.

(kevenz) #2580

Visual for The Return of Ringo, The Ugly Ones and A Stranger in Town.


Wow, nice artwork on the covers! Will definitely be getting the Tomas Milian one as I do have Arrow Video’s fine release of the Ringo films. I’ll also get Tony Anthony’s first Stranger film and the two titles you mentioned above. Heard fine things about Fort Yuma Gold, know little to nothing about Two Pistols and a Coward. I’ll have to check the Database page on that one. So excited!

(Waz) #2582

Yes, pre-ordered mine a couple of days back…

(Sebastian) #2583

added the one for the Vanzi flick



Like the cover on this one too. Definitely looking forward to upgrading my Colosseo DVD set (I’ll be keeping the DVD set as a backup, and for the Collector value.)

(Søren) #2585

I take it that none of those French releases will be English friendly in any way?

(kevenz) #2586

95% sure they won’t be English friendly… unfortunately for you guys.


Glad I picked up a lot of Italian and some Spanish from watching other films over the years.:grin:

(Søren) #2588

Thought as much. Thanks for the info.