[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases


Sorry about that Admin Sebastian :blush:


Does anyone know if the following SWs are getting Blu Ray releases:

Johnny Hamlet

And God Said to Cain

The Ruthless Four

$100,000 for a Killing

$10,000 for a Massacre

$1,000 on the Black

Massacre Time aka The Brute and the Beast

Thanks to anyone who might know.

Also, is there any word on the 10+ Koch Media Blu Rays?

(Sebastian) #2551

not yet, aside from the title speculations further up in this topic (or the koch topic, I forget)… I think it’ll be after the 2nd quarter we’ll find out. There’s still lots of 2018 releases for this company (and others) to evaluate and then we’ll see a wave of announcements probably


Colosseo Film’s Last Dango in Paris, aka Black Ack, is a fine BD release; it looks good and it sounds okay – as far as the German and the Italian audio track are concerned. Unfortunately, the English track has major audio sync problems (the dialogue lags behind considerably). Can someone here on the forum confirm this?

After more than 50 years, we have finally gotten over the German mania for naming each and every Spaghetti Western protagonist Django. Prost – here’s to Dango!


In the time it takes them to reinstate the ‘J’, they really could just change the title back to Black Jack instead. Enough with the Django shit. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the heads up. May hold off for now…

(kevenz) #2554

@Companero_M : yes the audio is out of sync a little bit… it’s quite distracting… removing 225 miliseconds fixes the problems…

(Grinder) #2555

@Companero_M and @kevenz

I have skipped through all the chapters of the blu ray disc (with Sony player) and watched some minutes at every point. To me the english audio is in sync. I didn`t notice anything. Voices, noises, running and shooting sounds…all was fine.
Do you have a special time code that I can check in detail?


Very strange. On my Sony BD player, the English audio signal is delayed from the beginning (e.g. dialogue that starts at 0:03:33). I haven’t watched the whole film in English – too annoying – but checked again at the ending, same problem (e.g. dialogue that starts at 1:24:58). German and Italian audio track are okay.

(Grinder) #2557

Ok, thank you.
I will check again this evening.

(Grinder) #2558

I now have double checked the two time codes. The english dub fits perfectly on my blu ray disc on Sony BDP-S185. Nothing to complain.
Also as comparison I did check the old dutch VHS with english dub to see if there is something different in picture/dub. It`s 1:1 identical.
Very strange…


Thanks, Grinder.

Indeed. Let’s have a cup of tea and wait what others will report.


I got a rip of this (naughty naughty) … I’ve only scanned a few scenes - The beginning seems fine, but when I watched the poker scene, that appears out of sync by some milliseconds … haven’t checked the rest yet. :unamused:

(Sundance) #2561

Could just be some equipment related thing but supposedly the threshold of when you notice the out of sync video/audio varies from person to person. I also remember reading somewhere (but was it true…) that you can also learn (not sure if you can actually try to notice it on purpose or if it just sometimes happens and then you can’t unlearn it) to notice even smaller and smaller differences. 225ms is quite a lot though I think.

So if it is actually out of sync but you don’t notice, then don’t try to notice it. :wink:

Although if the following is true… :wink:

_Summary of Results: _
_1. When audio precedes video by 5 video fields, viewers evaluate people on television _
_more negatively (e.g. less interesting, more unpleasant, less influential, more agitated, _
**less successful). This difference is not large, but it is statistically significant. **

_Awareness of audio-video asynchrony is not necessary for synchronization problems _
_to have psychological effect. _
_Half of the subjects could identify the synch problems and half could not, yet both _
_groups were affected by the problem. _


You can allow for slack dubbing, to a certain extent with dialogue - but when sound effects, like bottles being set down on a table or playing cards being dealt, are out of sync …. it becomes very annoying to watch.

If the English audio source was from a tape, there’s also the chance of warping, when parts of the recording have become stretched slightly over time. Sync may appear perfect initially, but then may slip fractionally … there are a lot of variables, but the bottom line is, the releasing company should have checked an double checked.

(Søren) #2563

This is a German company so the major concern has probably been with the German dub and then the Italian one. That the English dub is even included is just a plus. Too bad if it is out of sync. Would make it impossible for me to watch as well. Just the slightest out of syncness is a pain :slight_smile:

Just a question: There are German subs for the entire dub right ?

(Grinder) #2564

Hm, I have rewatched the poker scene in english. To me it is not out of sync.
Seems we all are more or less sensitive :wink:
Waiting for more opinions taking a tea (pepermint) as Martin has suggested. :slight_smile:
There are German dubs for the full movie. They were translated from the Italian original. So they differ from both German and English Dub.

(Søren) #2565

That is just what I wanted to hear. Will want to watch it with the Italian dub ns German subs then. Thanks.

(kevenz) #2566

I just watched it today and I liked it… it’s a great looking print and Robert Woods is quite funny in this one :slight_smile:
Aspect ratio is 1:66.1 like the Hammer films of the 60s.
I also forgot that 2/3 of the movie is without dialog…. it’s not as silent as A Stranger in Town but it’s close.

Now we need a blu ray of El Puro.

(chuck connors brother) #2567

Me either, thankfully… I watched the whole thing and checked it in a 2nd Blu-ray player and I don’t find the English audio to be out of sync

(Sebastian) #2568

So there’s a new UK BluRay of Django listed on Amazon already