[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases


Really happy about titles 2 and 3, love my Arrow copy of The Return of Ringo.

I’ll definitely upgrade my DVD of A Stranger in Town; the $7 I paid for the imported The Stranger 2 film Collection from Germany was a great deal nonetheless.

The great Tomas Milian’s first Western getting the Blu Ray Treatment, very exciting to finally be able to see it.

Any hints yet to the other two titles in the works?

(Søren) #2530

Will these be English friendly?

About the German dvd of The Ugly Ones it must also be remembered that it was released back in 2003 and a lot have happened on the dvd front quality-wise since then. Wasn’t as bad then :slight_smile:

(Novecento) #2531

Great news! Let’s hope we can have Spanish audio. Does Artus usually burn in the subs like some French companies do?

(Sebastian) #2532

Have many of you pre-ordered?


Anyone get the Black Jack blu-ray yet?

(Sebastian) #2534

I think @Bluntwolf has it

(Martin) #2535

Not yet but soon. However, a discussion of the BD/DVD’s merits and flaws is in full swing over at Dirty Pictures (in German). Take a look at the cover’s spine:


Ah yes, good ol’ DANGO.
He’s not as cool as BLACK ACK.

(Sebastian) #2537

the J is silent :smiley:

(Søren) #2538

Not a reference blu-ray release either it sounds like. Doubt that it will ever get a better release so a must-buy :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #2539

some folks like to complain a lot :slight_smile:

(Sundance) #2540

Soul Media’s Django UHD is on a burned Verbatim BD-R disc.
English audio only.


Spanish genre films of the 60’s can be very tricky with audio in media releases due to the Censors of the Franco Era. Often times filmmakers, especially the Horror specialists, had to edit their films twice, once to the meet the expectations of the Spanish censors, and once for the International markets. The International Cuts usually had the main sponsors language as the primary audio (usually German, French, or Italian). A lot films did get lucky and were able to sneak past the censors with full Spanish audio intact. We’ll have to wait and see which audios they can remaster, but I’m sure it’ll be fine nonetheless.

From the sounds of what I’ve been able to translate on Artus’ website, the subtitles are removable on their international film releases. .

(Søren) #2542

So a crappy release as expected :slight_smile: Thanks for the info.


From the mid-60s-to-the-mid-70s, what countries were the least likely to censor and what countries produced the most censored material, as far as exploitation horror, crime, and westerns?


Hi there Massimo,

I’m not sure which places had it the least, but I know by the 70’s in the US there was more leniency with certain films, so long as they were advertised as suitable for specific audiences.


The main thing that stands out to me censorship-wise was that the UK seemed to do the most banning. I associated the UK with having to wait for decades to view certain banned movies.


The U.K. banning certain movies was more associated to the Video Nasties act of the 80’s when films on VHS became popular. Spanish censoring in the 60’s was because Gen. Franco wanted a specific image of the country to be presented.


Today there’s new-media internet censorship which is often orchestrated by large corporations that want human eyes on their product(movie,news, tv show, etc…) instead of modern “video nasties” like the monstrous Pewdiepie and other Youtube equivalents of WW2 fascist dictators, as they would have many of us believe.

(Sebastian) #2548

… and also wildly off-topic :))

Did someone check whether the BluRay/DVD news calendar is sort of up to date now by the way? We need more eyes on these pages…