[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases


Some great extras … but I wish Arrow would concentrate on releasing titles not already available on DVD and BD :roll_eyes:

(The Man With a Name) #2510

They’re probably just going with what sells. Keoma is a pretty popular title and they always do a great job with their transfers but yeah, I’d like to see them release a film like Sartana Does Not Forgive, which I suggested to them a while back.


I always love Arrow’s releases of the Italian Westerns and Giallos, especially in that they include the original Italian language as an audio option with translated subtitles. The same goes for Koch Media and some of the Alive/Colosseo releases, even if they don’t include subtitles.


They do a fantastic job, but as they’re specialists in a niche market, give the fans and collectors something to get excited about.

Keoma and Django! … come on, that’s beginner’s stuff ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Novecento) #2513

Looks to be Italian with Japanese subtitles. The French release (naturally) has the French audio too and then French subs for the Italian audio.

(kevenz) #2514

on the amazon japan site… I see 3 audio tracks for the blu ray but I can’t read the language… I guess Italian, French and Japanese maybe.

(AngelFace) #2515

That Keoma is a must buy! Any chance of it coming to Region B?

I wish someone would interview John Sinclair about it though, seemed to have a very interesting life!

(Cat Stevens) #2516

I asked Sean Phillips if he would be willing to share versions of his Django and Keoma art without the trade dress, and he was kind enough to oblige.

(Søren) #2517

And the English subs for the French dub (?) on the UHD.

(Sebastian) #2518

Django 4k UHD

(Søren) #2519

Where was that released? Suddenly I don’t need the delayed Arrow release that much :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #2520

read the comments :slight_smile: scandinavia

(Søren) #2521

Ah lazy me :slight_smile: A release from my own backyard :slight_smile:

Can see it’s available from online sources so may check it out. Soul Media though. Not sure they are that much into quality releases. Will have to check out specs.

(Novecento) #2522

I can only see two:

言語: イタリア語
字幕: 日本語

Language: Italian
Subtitles: Japanese

(Novecento) #2523

I can only find DVD and BD options, both of which only show Italian with Japanese subs.

(Søren) #2524

Yep. Only the UHD has the English subs.


It was the French release I was talking of of course :slight_smile:


Hey everyone in SW Land,

Not sure if this is an official DVD, but was surprised no one mentioned it previously. Doesn’t look English friendly, but thought I’d mention it anyway. Hope there are fans interested, I couldn’t find much info on it.

(Søren) #2526

I think those cheap German releases are usually mediocre at best but maybe someone in here picked it up and can verify.

Doesn’t seem to be English friendly:


(Sebastian) #2527

Yea and what sucks is that thwy make a decent release by someone else enonomically ven less viable because the impulse buyers have already spent their money…

(kevenz) #2528

The french company Artus Films announced they will release 5 italian western in 2019 on blu ray.

The first 3 announced for May:
-The Return of Ringo (already released by Arrow)
-A Stranger in Town (japanese blu ray only)
-The Ugly Ones (World Premiere)

Finally The Ugly Ones is getting a decent release… The German dvd and Wild East dvd were pretty bad.