[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Rayo) #2489

I pre-ordered just the Texas Adios Blu-Ray from Amazon.uk…After receiving it in the mail today, and viewing it…I can confirm it is all region, as it plays in my US spec Blu-ray player just fine…

I’d also like to note that Arrow came through again on quality…Only about 10% of the film looks SD…

(Andy) #2490

Thanks for that info!

(autephex) #2491

Yea thanks for providing that info and confirming region free… or at least region A/B. Its a good example of Arrow listing as Region B only on their specs but it not actually being true

Glad to hear the quality is good also

(Sebastian) #2492

Kino Lorber’s FFDM Amazon-pre order is live

(Nick) #2493

At least we’re starting off the new year right, after that whole debacle with Arrow.

(autephex) #2494

Hope KL’s new transfer isn’t as bad as the FOD transfer. $30 for just FaFDM is a bit much when the German 2-fer is under $20.

(The Man With a Name) #2495

The German Blu-ray is perfect for me minus the German opening credits (I know I’m being a bit picky with this one). Unless Kino actually manage to surpass the picture quality on the German release, I’m not interested. I see no reason to buy an inferior transfer when there’s a better one available.


Guarantee Kino’s disc won’t be uncut like the German one.

(Sebastian) #2497

You can still buy it for the extras, then :wink:


Hi Admin Sebastian,

Can you list the full 13 titles Koch Media is planning on releasing? Or can you point out the web page said post is on. I still need to get Kill Them All and Come Back Alone, Hands of a Gunfighter, and Death at Owell Rock from them as well. Love that they include the Italian audio too as I understand Italian fairly well. Love that they’re doing more SW’s.

(Sebastian) #2499

I think the titles we know fairly sure about got posted a little further up. Kill em all was released weeks ago. In the coming weeks, as details and covers get public, we’ll also add them to our overview page https://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Koch_Media_catalog

(Sebastian) #2500

Guys and girls, please help out updating the release calendar on the SWDb… we neglected that, but people rely on it :slight_smile:

(Piripero) #2501

Has this Japanese blu already been posted?

(The Man With a Name) #2502

Is it English friendly? I’ll buy it if it is.

(Piripero) #2503

No, unfortunately looks like it’s Italian dub with Japanese subs.

(kevenz) #2504

the japanese are also getting The Specialist on blu ray

(tomas) #2505

Wow, great cover, but I always liked japanese spagh covers.

(Sebastian) #2506

Added them to the Db, maybe someone can make an effort and add all the technical details etc?

(Cat Stevens) #2507

Apologies if this has been announced already, but preorders for Arrow’s Keoma are now available.

(The Man With a Name) #2508

Is it only available on region A? I have no issues with region codes but I’d hold out for a UK release if they were planning to release it here, too.