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Can anyone confirm for me if the UK Texas, Adios standalone blu-ray by Arrow is region free or is it region B locked, please? I might order it from ebay.

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Hey, all! I was fortunate and received my copy of Django / Texas, Adios. I enjoyed a rewatch of both, and watching in-motion it seems that the new transfer of Django does look better than the old BU release. But that is just my opinion.

The Texas, Adios transfer was really strong, but there were about 4 instances of some pretty big hiccups. The film transfer was very fluttery. Did anyone else notice this, too? Just want to make sure it wasn’t a defect.

(autephex) #2472

I haven’t seen any Arrow discs that are region locked. There may be some, but so far I’ve only seen region free from them.

hmmm but their website does state Region B

Blu-ray.com lists it as untested for Region A

Region A/B-coded.

But I don’t know if this is accurate

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Virtually everything they only release in the UK is region B locked and everything they only release in the US is region A locked. Sadly. Only the ones released both in the US and UK are region a+b so Texas Adios could very well be that.

(autephex) #2474

I have several arrow blues that are region free… including UK imports… additionally most I have looked up state region free…

But I don’t buy or even look at most releases like yourself so you probably know better

Here in the US, arrow is only known for certain genre titles and as far as I’ve seen these are usually region free

(Søren) #2475

I don’t know which US-only titles you’ve checked but I’ve got C.H.U.D., Dillinger, Pray for Death, Rage of Honor, Creepshow 2 and Bride of Re-animator and they are all region A locked and the same is the case for most UK-only releases. I know there are some region free releases but as a general rule they are region locked.

Which region A-titles did you check out?

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Island of Death is one region free I bought. Bay of Blood is one I imported which i guess is region a, b and when looking at the others I have I guess they are also A,B so I assumed they were region free when they played in my region locked player

Looking them up I still can’t confirm they are actually locked because sites just say untested or unconfirmed

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Island of Death was released both in the US and the UK so that would be region free. As I said there are cases when the ‘rule’ doesn’t apply but as a general rule Arrow do lock down their releases when only released in one territory. The region A releases I mentioned are all locked down.

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All of the titles I have have been released in both areas but generally are listed as locked when I don’t think they actually are, so I just assumed that none are despite what it says

I bought some titles from uk before they were released here or to save on amazon shipping and even tho they are listed as region b they play fine

Anyway, like I said you obviously would know better than i

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Also the title being asked about is Texas Adios which now has UK and US release but is still listed as region b locked

If anyone can confirm I’m also interested to know because this is one I want and it’s yet to be seen if it will be individually released in US

(Søren) #2480

Somebody on Facebook having imported the region A-set said that both discs played well in his region B player so my guess is that the region B-released Texas adios is aswell. Probably the very same disc. Waiting for 100% confirmation is probably a good idea though :slight_smile:

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Yeah it seems that they say the discs are region locked when they actually aren’t. I guess this only applies to titles that are released in US and UK because this is all I have bought and wrongly assumed they just listed regions based on country you are purchasing from

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Mill Creek will be releasing this double feature of Fort Yuma Gold and Gatling Gun in March:

(Andy) #2483

I like both films so I’ll probably get that.

(The Man With a Name) #2484

The transfers for Mill Creek’s Blu-rays were quite a surprise. I wonder how good these ones will be. Both very good spaghetti westerns.


Didn’t realise it disappearing from everwhere was such an affair, but I guess that makes a lot of sense.

(autephex) #2486

Nice… I agree that Mill Creek has done surprisingly good blu ray releases that are very cheap. I think that sometimes these budget companies do some of the best releases, because they don’t have the funds to screw with the video a lot by filtering and all that crap. They just release the HD scan as-is, which is how I prefer.

Guess I need to sell my Gatling Gun DVD before it hits :call_me_hand:

I see that Amazon lists it as unavailable with Apr 19, 2016 release date… guess it must have been delayed. Wonder if it will be delayed again, and possibly be one of these that never show up


Wow, the Django situation is a mess. I sold my BU copy ages ago in preparation of the new release, and I’m just thankful I got my copy. Preordering from DiabolikDVD was a great move.

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I didn’t pre-order in time on Amazon because I was waiting to get my gift card balance up to cover the whole thing instead of just paying like normal, and that’s on me. I only wanted the set for the commentaries, though I looked forward to a new transfer on Django. I don’t like Texas, Adios or the commentators listed for the track but I still wanted to listen.

But I think I’m done buying new from Blue Underground. Not that they do good work with blu-rays as it is, but I’ll just buy used. Previously I even bought Man, Pride & Vengeance at launch, even though it’s not a SW, because of the messages from BU that it needed to sell in order to produce future SWs. I still haven’t even watched it because like I said, it’s not a SW, but only bought it due to the implied blackmail, paid full price to do my part for SW fandom.