[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(autephex) #2449

wow those prices :joy_cat:

well, if some fool pays that much then congrats to the seller

(Nick) #2450


wife drives off with the dog, never to be seen again.

(kevenz) #2451

Especially if you pay $500 for an empty case with no movie in it :slight_smile:

Who’s stupid idea was that ? Let’s shrinkwarp an empty dvd case and sell it for 50 bucks.

(Grinder) #2452

Koch has announced today the blu ray release of ANY GUN CAN PLAY for 2019 :slight_smile:

(Nick) #2453

Because movie rights = MONEY

(Rutledal) #2454

Be excited to see that in anything besides VHS quality.


Finally Arrow have spoken. Apparently Blue Underground interfered :neutral_face:


(Sebastian) #2456

Licensing of these old flix is a friggin’ mess… maybe cooler heads prevail and there’s a way to get the product out to fans, can’t they stick the BU logo sticker on it as well (“released in partnership with”) or something, and share some of the profit? Annoying outcome, hoping for a solution

(Sebastian) #2457

you withheld the most interesting fact about their announcement: they plan 13 more HD releases of spaghetti westerns :smiley:

What @Grinder posted in another forum, is among other things, that they’re looking for an HD master for Der Fremde von Paso bravo; they bring Drei Ausgekochte Halunken with West- and Eastgerman dub; and Twice a Judas (where the search for the west german dub was so far not successful. Does anyone have it?) and possibly Toedlicher Ritt nach Sacramento, as well as Le Due facce del dollaro for which they seem to have the rights as well.

I can also add that I am hearing things about a possible release of Run Man, Run (and I am hoping for a Sollima Box in cooperation with Explosive Media, personally). With any luck, they still hold the rights to Blindman, that would also rock.

(autephex) #2458

Finally a good print of Any Gun Can Play! What took so long?

And back to DJango…

We place the onus to resolve the issue of Blue Underground’s continued exploitation of the films outside of their license period, upon the underlying Italian rights owner.

I wish we could know the actual details about what exactly is going on… I’m not sure how Blue Underground could “exploit outside of their license period” legally… either BU has the legal rights or they don’t. If they don’t, then they would not be able to legally “threaten” any sellers of the Arrow disc… they would not only be empty threats, but illegal and actionable…

(autephex) #2459

And before people hate-mob Blue Underground, its worth noting that Arrow wasn’t trying to sell this blu ray anywhere but North America, so I guess the rights to the film are also being exploited in every other country in the world as well…

Sounds to me like the Italian “rights owner” probably sold the film to Arrow without being totally upfront about whatever their previous contract with BU was… and now Arrow is trying to put the pressure on BU to allow release of their already printed product…

And since this release has been announced for a while now, I really doubt that Arrow is just now finding out about issues with BU…

(Sebastian) #2460

I suspect something along these lines as well. Or it is about how long BU would be able to keep it, etc…

(autephex) #2461

Yes, I just take issue with Arrow’s new statement making it sound like BU are acting like Maniacs… obviously intended to get Arrow’s fanbase to direct their anger towards BU in attempt to make BU cave in…

Because there may be a misunderstanding between parties, but when it comes to written legal contracts, there is no room for confusion. The terms are specified and either BU holds the rights in the US or they don’t.

I suspect that BU has already made Arrow aware of this, and Arrow chose to call their bluff regarding possible legal action, and proceed with release…

(The Man With a Name) #2462

A dream come true for me. :man_dancing:

(Andy) #2463

They could call the court case: “Django’s Showdown for the West”

(Søren) #2464

My preorder of the title was cancelled a month ago so probably not :slight_smile: It sounds like Arrow was hoping for a solution before December 11th and when that didn’t happen well here we are.

As a spaghetti western fan what I hope for is the best possible release to come out so therefore hope that it can be settled somehow.

(autephex) #2465

yeah obviously lots of people want this blu ray so I hope they can settle on something

would be a shame for the new scan to go to waste, although I’m still happy with my BU disc

I wonder if BU had plans on a new 4K release or something … although I would assume that would require a new scan as well

(The Man With a Name) #2466

British Petroleum supports Arrow 100%

(Andy) #2467

Me too, but I feel bad for all the people who got hyped about this release only to be let down. I guess I am lucky that I never got really excited about it.

(AngelFace) #2468

Got my Texas Adios yesterday! Mostly got it for the extras and it just struck me how nice and charming both Franco Nero and Alberto Dell’Acqua come across in the interviews. After seeing Dell’Acqua’s brother interviewed in the Sartana box it was nice to see this, just seemed like a really cool guy!