[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases


If this title had actually sold out, wouldn’t somebody on this site be the owner of a copy ?

Hate to burst the bubble, but these movies aren’t nearly as popular as some here might think.

I noticed that the Sartana Box is still available, and at a reduced price at Amazon $47 approx’

I feel these are just scare 'em tactics to generate more panic/interest when it goes on sale officially … December 11, or that just Europe ?


Looks like I might I have missed it too :slightly_frowning_face:

Hope so, I was looking forward to this release but I’ve been short on money recently so I didn’t get chance to pre-order it.

(Sebastian) #2371

Guys, see post above. Apparently there were technical issues… lets try and find out more about that before alledging scare tactics ;))


It’s clearly been pulled by Arrow. The copies seen on store shelves on Instagram are probably the ‘faulty’ ones which slipped through the net.

Even Arrow haven’t been void of cock-ups in the past.


I tried clicking on the link but it said the page didn’t exsist. Good to know it probably hasn’t sold out :slight_smile:


(Jonny Powers) #2375

Oh wow, well shoot I dunno then. Wait it out I suppose

(Søren) #2376

Well, when Arrow released their Hellraiser box set that sold out well before release date and no one had a copy in hand then :slight_smile: So that can and have happened multiple times. The set isn’t set to be released before December 11th so nobody really should have it until then.


Thanks for that info @AvatarDK

If there is such demand for certain titles, ‘Hellraiser’, as you mentioned. Why on earth do limited edition releases !? Print enough copies to satisfy the market ??? … or have I missed some important point :wink:

(Søren) #2378

Well, the limited editions tend to get people scared and instead of waiting and perhaps missing out they are either preordered months in advance or bought on release. Making something unlimited wouldn’t necessarily mean a much bigger sale just that it would drag on for several years potentially before reaching the same sale numbers. They want fast money :slight_smile:

(autephex) #2379

Hellraiser is a HUGE title… much, much bigger than Django. The fanbase for that franchise goes way beyond probably the entire SW fanbase :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am in agreement about this limited edition crap. All of this nonsense pisses me off - limited editions are more acceptable that alternate cover releases, but both are just examples of what I can’t stand about fan culture in relation to often being nothing but marketing… fans buying into this manipulation seem to be more into manipulative collection than the actual films.

As much as I respect Bill Lustig, his moves lately with Blue Underground are making me lose some of that respect. How many times does the world need new Zombie releases? How about instead releasing some of that old catalogue, like Contraband, Mannaja, and lots of titles that haven’t seen blu rays yet?

I just ordered the Sartana box because it does look very nice, and its a good collection of films, but I got it for $49 which works out to about $10 per movie… paid for by collectors on ebay buying my old DVDs - thank god for those collectors that want this old shit for their shelves. It always pays to wait IMO and not buy into this pre-order hype. I never pre-order anything, movies, music, games or otherwise.


Thanks :slight_smile:

(Søren) #2381

… and will most likely therefore have a bigger limited print run. I don’t really know how many copies of Django/Texas Adios have been pressed but it might be in the 1500 copies range!?

No matter what you may think you will miss out on some releases though. If you are fine with the barebones releases released afterwards that is not a problem of course but it will cost you all the physical extras they have thrown along with the limiteds. Books/booklets etc.

(autephex) #2382

I believe Arrow stated on their website its limited to 2500

I used to be a lot more excited about all the physical extras, until I began collecting a lot of them and then realized that I never looked at any of it. It all sits inside the boxes on my shelf… any posters are never put up because I want to keep them mint… now, all I really care about is having the best version to watch.

Same with music… I’m a big vinyl collector and used to be more into the special releases, but now I don’t really care

Although, I do like to retain the value in things I purchase, so that is a consideration in price paid versus sell value down the line

And there are still exceptions, if its a very nice release like this Django box, then I still would like to have it because the artwork is great and its a special film.

(kevenz) #2383

deepdiscount… wow this site still exist? I used to buy music cds from them back in 1999-2000… almost 20 years ago and never ordered since then… it’s amazon all the way now :slight_smile:

(autephex) #2384

deepdiscount actually has very good deals quite often, and they have specials with discount codes when you buy multiple items for holidays

(Søren) #2385

Well as said DeepDiscount often has better deals than amazon so you are cheating yourself out of several dollars a year probably :slight_smile: For me, ordering from Denmark, theres is also a more practical reason though: DeepDiscount is simply more customs safe than amazon is. Also they ship in more sturdy boxes/envelopes. Amazon.com (and only the .com variant) simpy elect to ship in the most flimsy material available it seems.

Amazon (all way around) customer service is way better though.


Regarding Django, Arrow are replying to people with this:

The finished products shipped out just fine, it certainly hasn’t been cancelled. This is an Amazon/online retailers issue, which we hope will be resolved as soon as possible; sorry for the inconvenience.

So every online outlet has just simultaneously decided to remove it then…

(Søren) #2387

Thanks for the info. But they are just stating that it hasn’t been cancelled and then we’re back at what I was initially afraid of namely that it had sold out. That results in preorders being cancelled due to lack of sufficient copies and it generally being unavailable from amazon. Well let’s see.


It’s a shame because the whole point of pre-ordering is to be guaranteed a copy :face_with_raised_eyebrow: