[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Søren) #2347

I’ve messaged them about whats going on as I will be placing an order for it there instead if possible.


And God Forgive’s I Don’t and El Puro.

It’s now saying Dec 10th. It’s all a bit strange but I don’t mind waiting another month if the new date is correct.

(Søren) #2350

Just got a message from DiabolikDVD saying they will have it back up for order at some point. Still don’t know why it was taken down or why DeepDiscount cancelled my order. Well…

(Mark) #2351

Received my copy of Requiem For (no A) Gringo today. Sorry, my 7 year old PC can only read DVD’s so I can’t provide screenshots or comment on the 720p/1080p conundrum.
My blu-ray player lists it as 1080 but DVD’s do as well so I don’t put stock in that.

What I can say is after quickly scanning through, the picture quality is very good +, especially for a WE release. What little I heard of the audio sounded fine. Running time 98:15

(Sebastian) #2352

Yea ur player is likely set to scale up, that is normal and as it should be

(kevenz) #2353

amazon japan has a lot of new titles on blu ray and dvd… it’s just not so easy to find stuff :slight_smile:

Degueyo on blu ray:

Giarrettiera Colt on dvd:

A Stranger in Paso Bravo dvd:

Captain Apache on blu ray:

White Apache on blu ray:

Scalps on blu ray:

There’s probably more…

(The Man With a Name) #2354

It’s a pity they’re not English friendly.

(Mark) #2356

I know and it doesn’t always do DVD’s justice. Scaling up that is.

(Søren) #2357

And just got a message from them now saying that they aren’t able to offer it at the moment. So amazon.com is the only place it can be bought. Very weird. Did it really sell that well?

(Sebastian) #2358

This sounds mildly alaming…

(autephex) #2359

Hmm wonder what the deal is, and if it could be some kinds of rights issue

(kevenz) #2360

(autephex) #2361

Will be looking to see how the Django transfer compares to the Blue Underground which I already have… that box set is pretty nice. Personally I prefer the non-steelbook set… does the steelbook also include all the artwork inserts? I don’t like to re-buy, but its a great looking set and with Texas Adios included, may have to splurge.

Going through and selling off some of my old collection that I don’t feel too attached to so I can get some funds together for new discs… Just ordered the Sartana set from Arrow which also looks great.

Have to roll my eyes at BU releasing Zombi with multi-covers…none of which are even very good. Take a note from Arrow and at least release quality poster art if you’re going to pull this multi-cover crap…


I went for Cover A (the bridge), the other two are just too obnoxious and cartoony.

(Søren) #2363

The Django + Texas Adios release is now unavailable from amazon.com also. That is, I probably missed it. Never going to preorder anything from DeepDiscount again that have the slightest chance of going OOP before release.

Oh, will await the UHD release of Django :slight_smile:

(autephex) #2364

I really doubt its totally sold out and won’t be available… but guess we’ll see

(Søren) #2365

Hope you’re right :slight_smile: Happened before though with these before release sell-outs.

(autephex) #2366

I could certainly be wrong… I’m out of the loop in this game & don’t really know what the market is like. What I have noted is that all the blu rays I’ve added to my wishlist over the years are still available, often at lower prices than when released.

This Django set seems pretty popular though, and certainly Django is going to be the most well recognized title in the genre, aside from Leones.

(Jonny Powers) #2367

I just got an email from them today saying that I was upgraded to release day (Dec 11) shipping for my preorder of the non-steelbook set, so I’m guessing they’re waiting on confirmation of more stock or something? Could always message Arrow on FB and see if you get a response, or order from Diabolik.

(Søren) #2368

Asked Diabolik and it doesn’t seem like they are getting more in stock. Checked with them over two weeks ago when my preorder from DeepDiscount got cancelled and it was already gone from Diabolik then.