[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Stanton) #2327

I’m sure it will be 1,85:1, or at least 1,66:1.

I doubt that any Spag was shot for a 1,37:1 aspect ratio. That was not common any more.

(The Man With a Name) #2328

I didn’t even get around to watching my Wild East DVD and I know this Blu will be an instant purchase for me. Love this film


I’m really looking forward for this Blu release.

(Grinder) #2330


So, 1,66:1

(Gritz) #2331

Pumped for Black Jack!

(Stork Vulture) #2332

looks like the Arrow release of Django has been delayed, no longer available for pre-order on Amazon that I can tell

(Grinder) #2333

A MINUTE TO PRAY… from Colosseo is now officially listed at the distributor:

More details will follow.

(Sundance) #2334

According to DVDCompare the Wild East BD of Requiem for a Gringo isn’t even full HD.

But is it the same filtered shit as the German disc? (I hope they don’t fuck up the upcoming spaghetti releases the same way…)


(Sundance) #2336

Thanks. I guess I should check out more threads… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyways, I don’t know how the players work especially if they have to upscale the content but at least when I put the image from my computer to the TV the TV will always say it is 1080/24 regardless of what I watch (and my monitor resolution is actually 1920x1200).

But I totally expected it to be a copy of the German disc so I don’t understand why it would be 720p…

(autephex) #2337

Yeah, sounds pretty likely it would be a copy… I doubt we’d be seeing the release if it hadn’t already been put out elsewhere.

What I find strange is the complete lack of specifications on WE’s part. Any other company releasing blu rays to niche genre collectors always include specifics, but with WE there is no information at all, not even the most basic information such as AR. Its almost as if they are trying to avoid saying anything about the source.

One reason would be WE not understanding how to properly copy/convert sources used for their releases… An even worse consideration would be the use of non-original sources that were already encoded down to 720p… But I’m just talking out of school here. Hope these questions are resolved soon

(Sebastian) #2338

Viva La Muerte Tua announced from DigiDreams

(autephex) #2339

I’ve been not keeping up on new releases, so I just saw that Arrow is releasing Texas, Addio… bad ass, I love that spagh and will definitely be getting this. A very deserving title for upgrading to HD.

Now if someone would just do Ace High

(Nick) #2340

I’m really excited to see that movie in HD. I always thought it deserved a little more recognition.

Gunna be available in February! With an English Language option!

(Sebastian) #2341

Cover art is up on Amazon already. Added all the info and links to the Database


(Søren) #2342

Has the US Texas Adios / Django release from Arrow been cancelled? Have had it preordered for some time at DeepDiscountDVD and just got an out of stock cancellation mail. Tried finding it at DiabolikDVD at it’s gone there too. Still shown at amazon.com though. Weird.

(The Man With a Name) #2343

I pre-ordered mine from diabolik. I hope it hasn’t been cancelled


Amazon says it’s now being released on December 11th.

(The Man With a Name) #2345

I don’t mind waiting as long as I get it. I’m angry about the situation with Dorado Films

(Søren) #2346

Yep it was delayed by Arrow, but that shouldn’t cause my order to be cancelled and the product nowhere to be found except on Amazon. It’s very weird.